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The Little Storyteller

Mum had me when she was twenty-five years old. By then, she was all grown up, done with school, living by herself, and working; she even owned her own private business. One would think that was enough reason to be ready but mum said she didn’t ‘plan’ me. However, she didn’t neglect to hammer on … Continue reading The Little Storyteller

With Love From Asaba: Part 5

The following day, Nene woke up still full of hope.  The day was pregnant with the promise of great things, and she basked in it.  She savored that warm, delightful feeling, which envelopes a person rising from sweet sleep, that sweet nothingness that entices the waker to slip back under the covers and continue dreaming.  … Continue reading With Love From Asaba: Part 5

In His Shadows (2)

In His Shadows (2)

INT. EVENING. BEDROOM (Deola’s mother and father are arguing.. father prepares to leave the house) ALICE Why will you ignore my calls throughout the day? I called your office and your cell phone, but you didn’t respond.You didn’t even try to call back.Chris for Christ sake, you are my husband! Behave like it! CHRIS (continues … Continue reading In His Shadows (2)

Screen Play – In His Shadows (1)

FADE IN: INT. A SITTING ROOM-MORNING A well furnished sitting room.Big enough with basic requirements for a middle class apartment. Sinach’s All things are possible is playing on the background stereo. DEOLA …(dressed in secondary school uniform, she is miming the song) …Mum where did you keep my school bag? (shouts at the top of … Continue reading Screen Play – In His Shadows (1)

A Means to an End – Episode 1

A Means To An End Ada lived with her parents in the one bedroom ‘face me I face you’ apartment in Ojuelegba. It was a small bedroom with a smaller sitting room that contained their few belongings recovered from the rain, years back. It cluttered two velvety arm chairs, three plastic chairs, a wooden centre … Continue reading A Means to an End – Episode 1

Professional Parent

This is an open book, Internet enabled, Hindsight empowered resit exam. My parents are getting a second chance at Parenthood Perfection, Through my virgin hands. I have been the guinea pig, The critic, activist and judge Now it’s my turn to mould a life into a legend, a human or a turd. I am armed … Continue reading Professional Parent

Parenting As A Child – Welcoming Charles III

I recently had a child, a second and a boy. He came almost five years after the first, in spite of my dodging tactics. Now that he has come, I have been quite excited, the kind of tearful excitement you feel but cannot fully express. Somehow, the excitement is entirely different from what the majority … Continue reading Parenting As A Child – Welcoming Charles III