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Welcome to Lagos: Danfo Palavas (Very Funny)

For those who’ve never been to Lagos, and those who’ve been living in Lagos, but have been ignorant to all its many glories (probably because they live the life of from house to car to office), here are some things you might see in other states, but you can never find them well objectified the … Continue reading Welcome to Lagos: Danfo Palavas (Very Funny)


“Her Man Palava” – 5

ZOE “I can’t believe you hit me Zoe, I hope it made you feel better?”. Andrew threw in sarcastic tone.He laughed without humor as he rubbed his cheeks. He came close to her . “I asked you a question Zee. That was me giving you the opportunity to decide on what you want in this … Continue reading “Her Man Palava” – 5