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Our Angels 32

Horns were blaring as the pink convertible driving towards him stopped inches from his car. The front airbag had inflated, saving his chest from hitting the steering. A mousey-brown-haired man in a male nurse’s uniform jumped out of the Fiesta which was now at the foot of the mammoth NHS sign. The man took quick … Continue reading Our Angels 32

Our Angels 29

Richard unzipped his travel bag and took out the small box. He placed himself infront of her knees and asked her again. “Adesola Aisha Shodeke, will you please be my wife?” Although seeing the ring seemed to have shocked her, she didn’t answer him. She had his other hand in her hands and her fingers … Continue reading Our Angels 29

Our Angels 28

Desola was wheeled away for tests as soon as they arrived back at the hospital. His questions of, “Has she got a brain injury?” “Will she survive?” were ignored by the young-looking doctors rushing about. “I didn’t notice the bruise on her head until she collapsed,” he told his brother-in-law. Her curly weave had done … Continue reading Our Angels 28

Our Angels 27

Our Angels 27

It was the sound of gun shots that nudged her eyelids open the first time. Sleep claimed her again. She woke up -the second time -to find herself in Richard’s arms. “Desola…I’m here. I’m here, darling.” She could hear voices. She saw strange faces, too. It took a while before her eyes adjusted to the … Continue reading Our Angels 27

Our Angels 26

The men had balaclavas covering their faces. One of them was standing over Gbenga, whose limbs were bunched together in the corner of the sofa. The seriousness of their situation dawned on Desola when she noticed the black duct tape covering Gbenga’s mouth. She saw the machete of the man standing by the door before … Continue reading Our Angels 26

Our Angels 25

Richard picked his words carefully as if he was back in his office counselling a client. “Are you saying you killed my wife?” Deep inside though, he felt the familiar pang of rage. “What are you talking about?” Gbenga laughed. “Abi, you don’t understand English? Mr Man, you should be asking yourself why your wife … Continue reading Our Angels 25

Our Angels 23

“What do you mean? Desola’s surname is Shodeke. Gbenga’s surname is not Shodeke. It’s Ogunjimi,” Richard told Ola. “That is because Gbenga is Alhaji’s half-brother.” Ola said before turning to Desola who had sat back in her seat, her palms on the sides of her face. “Will you tell him please, Desola?” Richard saw her … Continue reading Our Angels 23

Our Angels 21

Thanks to Suab’s daredevil driving, Desola arrived in Abeokuta less than three hours after they left the grand building of the airport. Sandwiched between her mother and Mummy Fausat with Fausat at the front, she could not ask Fausat the questions that were flying around in her head. She could not believe how strange her … Continue reading Our Angels 21

Our Angels 20

Richard decided that it would be best for his mother to have the twins at her house, after a livid Junior tried to tell them that their father wasn’t his. When Richard and Junior were alone, Junior wouldn’t speak to him, apart from the occasional, ‘ Tell me who my real father is.’ Richard would … Continue reading Our Angels 20