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A Good Man Drowning

A Good Man Drowning

He was made for much more than this

Drowning in the midst of society dedicates

Long forgotten of the kind of the man he was

He lost it all on the table of what society wants of him

Not what he himself wants to be


A good man drowning

Everything he was he forsook

For what the society dedicates

Foir what his fellow man wanted

A good man he was but he got drowning


Drowning in the opinion’s of men

Society sold himself out to the world’s dedicate

Left his creed against the creed of men

He lost everything for what the world wants of him

Not a man pf his word anymore but a man of the world


So many today has forgotten

The manner of who they are

While long ago they were lost forever

Never having the second chance

To return back to who they were before


Are you among the few?

Who has decided to go with the crowd

Whose concentration is distracted

By the nosiness of the crowd in the market place

A good man who has lost it all now drowning