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Rat Palava (part 3)

Writers note: Please read the part 1 and 2 to follow the story. Food na for belle and belle na for food. If you no believe me go ask Mr. Paul wey fast for only one day,one day o, naim he begin hear e name. He begin tell people say dem dey call am. Who … Continue reading Rat Palava (part 3)

Rat Palava  (Part 2)

Rat Palava (Part 2)

As if wetin I hear for phone neva do, wetin I hear for inside the bus wey carry me reach the bustop wey near my house, no be wetin my mouth fit talk finish. But I go try talk am, after all, person wey electric shock still get mouth take shout. Make una help me … Continue reading Rat Palava (Part 2)

Rat Palava

For our house we dey chop well-well,we dey chop. God don butter our bread, come sugar our tea.He don bless us so much with food sote all the domestic and international animals wey dey our house dey form Mofasa. Make you for take know say I nor dey lie, the rats wey dey our compound … Continue reading Rat Palava

Water Palava (2)

Please read the first part to follow the story. Na Fela take am sing say: Omi Olota o Water e nor get enemy But some people think say na Indian hemp dey inspire that man to sing the kind of song wey he sing. But I believe say na just raw talent wey Indian hemp … Continue reading Water Palava (2)