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Bard Love

Blessing for the Bards

You and I be friends,
Of a meeting and of more.
Sharing tales of bards,
And being ourselves bards.

You and I be pals,
Of pen and of more,
Sharing the pleasure of creating magic,
Yes, it sure gives a good kick!

You and I be allies,
Of writing and of more,
Sharing the beauty of written words,
And having a chance at playing gods.

You and I be friends,
Of a meeting and of many more…
Sharing tales of Bards,
And yes! We are Bards!

Blessing for the Bards!

writer frustrated block

Oh muse, where art thou?

The sound of silence surrounds me but the echo of my thoughts engulfs me My blinkers keep battering while iLie awake.. yet my emotions seem to be asleep with the rest of the world. Has my muse forsaken me? For all iFeel is the captivity of loss-for-words. So many thoughts and emotions to pen down … Continue reading Oh muse, where art thou?

Thinking Bells

Thinking Bells

Singing Locks Reminiscent of past glory Music of late granulates meaning Forming the loudness present Contemporary times Rock bottom in taste A world in party Looking not ahead The lullabies rings Trouble overflows So, the wand casts a spell Hoping we all forget The meaning granulated Wrong or right Pick a muse and live on.