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Flower Of The Sea – AOk

The 747 banked sharply, giving passengers sat in its left side a panoramic view of Los Angeles. The smog LA was renowned for, cast its dirty wisps on the windows, as the plane lined up to land at the airport and another ten seconds later, with barely a bump touched down with its mighty engines … Continue reading Flower Of The Sea – AOk

How I Met Your Murder 2: Sent To Golgotha

How I Met Your Murder 2: Sent To Golgotha

***** This is a continuation of the series. If you missed the first part, you can read it here. *****   The Man In Black tried opening his eyes, but they felt heavy and sore. All he could see was thick darkness. He could hear some distant noises too, but couldn’t tell what the pandemonium … Continue reading How I Met Your Murder 2: Sent To Golgotha

The Mystery of the Goat-leg Pepper-soup

The Mystery of the Goat-leg Pepper-soup

Nestled comfortably in her posh velvet couch, Tope leafed through her teenage diary in reminiscence and content. She had been pampered and therefore happy every moment of her exuberant life by her super-rich parents, bribed teachers, favor-seeking friends and finally, her puppet of a husband. Her doting parents had taught her early in life that … Continue reading The Mystery of the Goat-leg Pepper-soup

Son 1

Feeling the stir, D’Onah looks down at the sleeping figure in the bed. He smiles his welcome-back-to-earth smile. Nari slowly opens her eyes. It has been thirty-seven hours since the surgeons wheeled her out of the theatre, enough to get D’Onah thinking about her and nothing else. “Took you long enough to come awake,” he … Continue reading Son 1

Love is Never False

I’m sitting here watching him talk and wondering why. I briefly contemplate the calla lily stem tattooed on the inside of my wrist. The flower itself sits below the words “Diligo est nunquam reproba”, Latin for “Love is never false”. We got matching tattoos exactly a year ago. Right from the first day we met, it seems … Continue reading Love is Never False

MURDER ON VALENTINE (Tales from 9ja)

It was 6pm, Monday, February 14th. It was valentines day. A young man, hands covered with blood, walks around in a room. Meet Jude. Jude looked at his blood smeared hands dazed beyond words. As though he were in a trance, he paced the room, seeing nothing and hearing nothing except the blood on his … Continue reading MURDER ON VALENTINE (Tales from 9ja)