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Before The Darkness 3

PROLOGUE EPISODE 1 EPISODE 2 The silence was deafening. He knew everything was not alright, not at all. He moved on the balls of his feet despite the pain from the sharp stones on the floor. There were a lot of trees and tall grasses and one or more of them had somebody lurking behind … Continue reading Before The Darkness 3

Before The Darkness: Prologue

There was war in heaven and there was going to be only one winner, him. The glass floor felt cold against his bare feet as he sneaked across the oval corridor. He looked at his reflection coming off the walls for a few seconds. He looked wild; it was how he wanted to look. His … Continue reading Before The Darkness: Prologue

Demons On Church Street: Final Episode

Previously on Demons on church street. Tola said, turning the screen towards Adam. “Does that face look familiar to you?” Adam looked at the screen, it was a graduation picture. The girl’s liver problem obviously at an advanced stage. She was standing beside a young man who was the one graduating. Adam looked at the … Continue reading Demons On Church Street: Final Episode

Demons On Church Street: Episode Seventeen

Adam ran to his car and entered and was on his way out of the building in one minute. His mind raced through different possibilities. Faruk had not told him if it was Kate’s body he had found, he had ended the call before he could confirm it. Dumping Kate’s dead body in front of … Continue reading Demons On Church Street: Episode Seventeen