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The Waits of the World

The Waits of the World

Daybreak waits in darkness. In a buried seed, a forest waits underground, like melodies wait in a guitar’s strings, and love letters wait in a pen, and meanings – hidden in riddles – wait in words strangely spoken; nations wait in my loins, and my daughter’s teeth wait in her gums, as the tears in … Continue reading The Waits of the World

And Black Be Soot

If I tried you With fiery Bullets of inquiry, Would you be Bleeding truth? Perhaps Reeling proof Like endless tapes Winding from floor To ceiling, Roof, Tree top, Sky, Behind clouds, Shining bright, Making the moon Shy; Keeping night at bay; A blinding light Binding lies And falsehoods, And casting wrong reasons In prisons of … Continue reading And Black Be Soot

Love in an Hour-Glass

Love in an Hour-Glass

Slowly, As leaves weave In the winds, As the winds howl, “Ooooooooooooo.” Slowly, As the sun climbs Out of cloudy sheets, As clouds drift To yonder climes. Slowly, We fall in love, As true love is natural – Like leaves and the winds And clouds and the sun. Slowly, Not at first sight, For true … Continue reading Love in an Hour-Glass

Child Story (1)

In the late 70s and mid-80s, it was wonderful to be a kid in Northern Nigeria. We had a pleasant childhood. You know all those adventures you read and day dreamed about? We had them all. Now, if all the adventures you read about were all Enid Blyton, flying broomsticks and brooks and meadows and … Continue reading Child Story (1)

Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?

Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?

It started with Tosyn commenting on one of my posts, “Nice one Bruv/Sis. Please keep them coming”. Bubbllinna replied, “Elove is a dude…@tosyn keep off!…hehehe…” Then the Head Wordsmith, Kaycee, asked, “Elove is a dude??? Mtcheeew. All these romantic dudes seff?” I replied without an answer, “Yep??? It happens that ‘we poets’ know paper/pen love, … Continue reading Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?

The Mystery of the Little Boy – 1

  Yeni, a 27 year old post graduate student of Lautech was walking to Doyin guesthouse after the little disappointment she met at the salon. She had sat at the salon for over an hour reading mindlessly all the magazines on customer’s stool while waiting for the arrival of her hair dresser. The hairdresser kept … Continue reading The Mystery of the Little Boy – 1

Of Achebe, Abuja and Airplanes

Of Achebe, Abuja and Airplanes

You know you have arrived in Abuja by the slack in activities and movement. The place is calm and laid back, at peace with itself. Hausa is in the air, subliminally present; one can almost see the sonorous language floating above the tree tops. Upon my arrival, I breathed in the air of the land … Continue reading Of Achebe, Abuja and Airplanes

Writitude (2): Matter and Manner of Characters

A character can be defined as a being in a story. But this is only for some of the time. Some other time a character may choose to be a non-being, as in the case of trees and mountains. A character can be anything: a person (living or dead), a dog, a flying boat, a … Continue reading Writitude (2): Matter and Manner of Characters

A Glass Of Riches

Studies have shown that that two per cent of the global population earns gargantuan income while the remaining ninety-eight per cent are poor… The two per cent shares fifty per cent of the world’s wealth, while the remaining ninety-eight per cent shared the remaining fifty per cent… *** The boy stared into the darkness that … Continue reading A Glass Of Riches


I have an Indian colleague whose name is Rohit Maad. He’s new to our wonderful country, the awe of which keeps Rohit’s bushy eyebrows permanently raised. Rohit always has something to say, something about computers and software, about his family, about the arrangement of the seats in Aso Villa, about the cost of garri in … Continue reading Maadness

A Day Like No Other

The virtual library at Olusegun Oke library in LAUTECH was bee-like in activities that afternoon; students focusing on the monitor screens trying to make best use of the thirty minutes allocated to them, and a stern looking librarian who walked up and down the library monitoring all the websites the student were visiting; ready to … Continue reading A Day Like No Other