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F.E.A.R (Part 2)

Maybe it was the interviewer’s AC that was malfunctioning or the prospect of having to (effectively) sign my life away. But whatever it was, that heat was hotter than N1000 Suya consumed at 12noon inside a jam-packed Moluwe…in stand-still traffic. Where’s a lawyer when you need one? I had practised all damn night for this … Continue reading F.E.A.R (Part 2)

In Defense Of “Oga At The Top”

Why the cries of “Crucify him”? Why the uproar about the on-air slip by the Lagos State Commandant of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)? So, the man does not know the website of his organization. That is not a grievous offence, especially if one considers the social realities. I know it is funny, … Continue reading In Defense Of “Oga At The Top”

Adunni Adelakun – Under the Brown Rusted Roofs

Abimbola Aduuni Adelakun is the author of the pastoral novel, Under the Brown Rusted Roofs, a book which perfectly uses Yoruba folklore to mirror the malaises of the country, the joy and sorrow that exist in the communal relationship of the Yoruba and the polygamy of the patriarchs. She writes for the Punch Newspaper as … Continue reading Adunni Adelakun – Under the Brown Rusted Roofs