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Tumbo-Tumbo-Baskelebe Prayers 2

Now what did God have to say about all this as I had been praying to Him. I’m sure you are itching to know. GOD… Though I was praying in the Spirit like I told you, I got answers almost every day I went to service through my Pastor saying something to confirm it and … Continue reading Tumbo-Tumbo-Baskelebe Prayers 2

Tumbo-Tumbo-Baskelebe Prayers

3 days earlier…On a Sunday On our way to church in a cab, we did what ladies usually do…gist and somehow our conversation that early morning went to Marriage (I’m not sure what prompted it or who started the gist but we all flowed in that current). My friends maintained that they didn’t mind getting … Continue reading Tumbo-Tumbo-Baskelebe Prayers

An Enigma: The other side of friendship!

Ours was unique and she, an enigma. Like every other ship we enter into, my friendship with Katchy was more like a cat and mouse tale but we truly loved the constant ‘fights’ trying to ascertain who knew what she was talking about and who wasn’t confident enough to stand by her ‘tori’. LOL. And … Continue reading An Enigma: The other side of friendship!