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Can you Marry your Spouse’s Twin?

I once met a set of female identical twins and it occurred to me that since biologically they are one egg and sperm that split into two, then any man that marry one of the twins is only getting 50% value of the true content of what his wife actually is. I have witnessed relationships … Continue reading Can you Marry your Spouse’s Twin?

Corni Corni

Cornelius has done it again. Foolish boy! His mother gossips in the corner of the market while the boy messes himself up.  Last week, he touched Omalicha’s okrika cloth-collection with soiled hands. It took five of us to deliver him from her slaps. Five. Cornis’ poopoo is legendary. It sends his mother’s customers away. Nobody … Continue reading Corni Corni



SCENE ONE   Ext. Two friends [SALOPE] and [THEBETI] quietly sit in the living room assumingly engaging in a not-so seemingly heated debate   LIGHTS ON (CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN MUSIC, PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND THEN RECEDES GRADUALLY) SALOPE a proud and recently graduated college student turned rapper, casually dressed, sits up straight with words passionately flowing … Continue reading THE DESCRIPTION (script)