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R E B E L DEVILS. PRIESTS. BEASTS. Devils, we never thought they existed until we witnessed them firsthand-Superfast, super strong and ever shady in their acts. The most feared creatures that walked upon the face of the earth and everyone knew for sure why it was so-for they wore the “pendant of grace” with … Continue reading Rebel

suyi davies the sanctifying cover art

The Sanctifying – Part 2

  You have experienced pain in your life, but you have never experienced one like this. That level of pain where there is no tactual sensation, no hurt. Instead you become drained, deranged, only half-aware of the blows that keep raining down on your body, separating the already broken flesh and staining your clothes with … Continue reading The Sanctifying – Part 2

suyi davies the sanctifying cover art

The Sanctifying – Part 1

The girl’s train of thought returned to the Pastor. She glared at him, contempt forming a fiery ball in her chest. This devil, the reason for my discomfort. She thought of all the things she could do to him. Stab her fingers in his eyes. Hit his head with one of the three candlestands on … Continue reading The Sanctifying – Part 1

The Haunted House

It all began in June 2004 when I and my family packed into a newly completed estate. Our own rented duplex was located at the end of a street in the estate. We had neighbors only on the right side while the left side was bushy. We were five in the family; me, my husband … Continue reading The Haunted House

Solitary Road 4

Solitary Road 4

For a moment, Adaku was oblivious to her surroundings. She thrashed her hands around, grasping for something. She felt wetted with some liquid. She was able to grab a piece of cloth and quickly brought it to her eyes. She wiped off the liquid that was now dripping down her face. The liquid dribbled into … Continue reading Solitary Road 4

Solitary Road 3

Her mind had lied Or so, she thought. The spirits had lied. These guardian spirits. She was going to die here, alone. She squinted and squirmed, closing her eyes to reality, while expecting the worst from the women she had just seen float in the air. She waited, and waited, for more than a while, … Continue reading Solitary Road 3

Solitary Road 2

Solitary Road 2

Her strides seemed inconsequential when compared with the pace at which these women moved, and they seemed to do it so effortlessly, for she could neither hear skipped heartbeats nor heavy breathing. She could not continue like this for longer, she could not keep running to where she did not know and from people she … Continue reading Solitary Road 2

Babies don’t go to Hell

“Sarah, your father will arrive earlier today” Hannah, a wife and a mother of three said to her first child. “Unbelievable! I suppose dad is a night worker, why the sudden change this time” Sarah, a second year law student was known for this strange character. She always found reason why something should not be. … Continue reading Babies don’t go to Hell