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The Afternoon Sacrifice (1 of 2)

Chapter 1 – A HEAD TOO SMALL Looking at the giant gate of the Akeredolus’- with his head too small to house wisdom and a mouth that was big enough to swallow the world –  Ayodeji could tell that something was not right in the big compound of the gigantic house. The gate was unusually … Continue reading The Afternoon Sacrifice (1 of 2)

A Bride Too Soon (Chapter 4a)

Ozoko seemed fated to live a life of savagery. The story of his birth and eventual death was as complicated as it was precarious. Oredu, his late father was said to be renowned for his matchless hunting skills. He was one of the best hunters in the whole of Agila, and even the neighboring villages … Continue reading A Bride Too Soon (Chapter 4a)