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YEJIDE (episode 1)

The story of a prostitute….. Writer’s note: As you read this story, you will come across pidgin English in a few places. I’m sorry if you don’t understand pidgin because they were not really translated but I’m certain if you just follow it, you’ll understand the storyline and get to know what they mean. Apart from … Continue reading YEJIDE (episode 1)

Five bullets

I took off the blindfolds and stared down the terror-stricken eyes of my ill-fated hostages; all six of them. After years of meticulous planning, painstaking surveillance and internet hacking I was able to lure this miserable bunch into a single location and finally prepare to carry out the judgement they all rightfully deserved. As I … Continue reading Five bullets

A Taste On The Side 1

CHAPTER ONE Ebere felt a chill run down her spine as he held her face and pulled her mouth into his. His kiss was hot and desperate as he dug deeper, touring and teasing every corner of her mouth with his tongue. Soon, she could feel the wetness building up gradually between her thighs as … Continue reading A Taste On The Side 1

Of Reflections and Twitter Reputations by Tolu Daniel

    You had just finished dinner when you noticed them, dinner had been heavy, and it was Garri and Oha soup that you had gotten from the soup kitchen downtown. Your eyes were ridden with sleep; your itinerary for the night was definitely shattered because sleep had taken priority over all others. You allow … Continue reading Of Reflections and Twitter Reputations by Tolu Daniel