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Machina: AGADA

“Cut” “No cutting” “Who said that?” “Masozi.” “Another county heard from” “Why is he talking? He’s sedated…Yes? Cut!” “No cutting.” “Masozi is that you?” “Yes. Slice, just slice…. no cutting.” “Give us a break Masozi! If the injection isn’t working at least pretend you are sedated.” “I’ll try to.” “Okay. Now, Kwabena listen to this, … Continue reading Machina: AGADA


Orunmila’s letter. Episode 1

Hmmmm! Alao mused as he threw the cowrie one more time. This was his seventh try,and the outcome of this remained the same, the gods required him to take his life. He threw the cowrie and his traditional paraphernalia against the wall, and started pacing back and forth in his dim lighted shrine. A boisterous … Continue reading Orunmila’s letter. Episode 1