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Boss Lady – Chapter Two

Dear Hilton, Trust you are doing fine, I am writing this letter to inform you of the recent developments around here. Father has asked me to get married to Mr. Chife and has refused to pay my school fees because he does not believe in the education of a female child. This makes me very … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Two


The monthly sacred flow of blood That unites many women in significance To the mystery of womanhood Has many names ; Menstruation                           Menses Period                           Time, Flower                           That time of the month Being On                           Being under The wound that never heals                                  The monthly visitor All  and more are the many names … Continue reading Menstruation….

Bleeding Petals – 2

Chapter Two 24 December 1955 It was Christmas Eve, and the entire village of Ikodi was agog. It’s Christmas again. Apart from the annual fishing festival, Christmas had become a big event, since the arrival of Baptist missionaries to Engenni, many decades ago. The amiable American Baptist missionary, Miss Janice, popularly called ‘Miss’ had organised … Continue reading Bleeding Petals – 2