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Living in interesting times

Chinese people pray to live in interesting times; these days, I pray for the opposite – boring times, especially after I had a curious experience, four months after I had started my teaching practice at a public school located in one of the more remote villages in the State I lived in. It started with … Continue reading Living in interesting times

The Nightlies 2 – Sandra

The sound gradually filtered into my consciousness. But the bright light was sudden, blinding, harsh and burning, all at once. It wasn’t anything like the fire but was so intense, I blinked. I blinked? Yes, I realized. I blinked! I could blink! And move my hands. And turn away from the blazing sun I had … Continue reading The Nightlies 2 – Sandra

Saving Egbo

Saving Egbo

Death’s, the intoxicating sweet pleasure of sinking that cruelly arched tumescence forcefully, brutally into the uninitiated, virginal depths of good… then, hell. The persistent staccato of automatic rifles were deafening typewriters, ruthlessly banging out the death sentences of some hapless soldiers in murderous copper-jacketed fonts, accompanied by the occasional throaty interjection of burly 105mm Howitzers, … Continue reading Saving Egbo