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Sounds Of Silence

SOUNDS OF SILENCE NOT RAPE So she turned your request down And your talk was “You shall see” thus a plot was laid, by you and your accomplice to do the devil’s bid, rape the innocent lady who is supposedly arrogant for not replying you when you beckoned on her “heyz, fine girl” She was … Continue reading Sounds Of Silence

Yes To Education

Imagine a generation that relegates Education to a hidden location. What will be the situation if not retardation instead of illumination? What will be the situation If not like a child suffering from malnutrition? Only if they have seen procrastination as an abomination. Who birthed Civilization? Answer me. Who nurtured millions of World population and … Continue reading Yes To Education

The Day I Will Never Forget, Episode 9 (Final): All is Well that Ends Well

READ EPISODES 1 – 8 I did not even know we had a visitor until I heard Nnamdi shout, “Uncle Henry!” just before jumping on him. “Eh, see this boy o, Brother Chika.  He wants to knock me down,” said Uncle Henry laughing, and setting Nnamdi down. “Don’t mind him, Henry,” said my father who … Continue reading The Day I Will Never Forget, Episode 9 (Final): All is Well that Ends Well

Rants of a Frustrated Girl.

I’m so angry right now that i might forget to proof-read. I used to pride myself in my ability to write long classy essays(the type,people my age find boring). But i’m beginning to doubt myself.So naturally,i’m angry;at myself,the government,schools and everyone with the last name ‘Nigeria’. Before i joined Naija stories,i used to (and i … Continue reading Rants of a Frustrated Girl.

1, 2, 3 Disappear: Part 1

Twice it had happened that morning, and Mrs. Phillips was losing her patience.  She had called this boy almost five times, before he finally answered.  Dotun had only worked for a week, and she was already counting down to the day when she would kick him out of her house.  Yes, she had a date … Continue reading 1, 2, 3 Disappear: Part 1

Advice to My Lecturer Friend

Advice to My Lecturer Friend

On a sunny Sunday, not too long ago, I hosted a friend at my residence. I hadn’t seen him for quite a while and when he arrived, he revealed that his mission was to achieve three things. The first was to return some books he had borrowed from my private library; the second was to … Continue reading Advice to My Lecturer Friend



Just digits, but they bring horror, unimaginable and this poem sprang from there… £14,000. Breathless numbers, Handicapped as they be, They bore down below, Into the deeps of my heart. £14,000. The pounding sound Leaves an itching tinge On the scarred drums Of my ears. £14,000. If I could count The waters in the tears, … Continue reading £14,000.