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Craving Hope (IX)

Ike sat back down. “Chikwado had twins; two girls, identical.” “Two children?” “Gabrielle and another. Two little girls exactly alike. Rosie took Gabrielle and the other…” “Gabrielle has an identical twin.” Ike whispered. “Yes.” “Did anyone else know this?” “No.” Mrs Aku closed her eyes and shook her head. “Nobody knew there was a second … Continue reading Craving Hope (IX)

Craving Hope (VIII)

Gabrielle heard about Ike’s leave of absence from her new lawyer, Obiekwe. He had told her that Ike took a leave of absence because he didn’t want to work on the case anymore. “Why?” she asked. “I have no further information.” Obiekwe said. “He’ll still be called to testify against me in court?” “Most certainly. … Continue reading Craving Hope (VIII)

Craving Hope (VII)

Ike switched off the computer and rolled his chair back from the desk. He glanced at the clock and realized that the room was almost empty; it was nearing midnight. He had been reading for six hours, and now knew more about the Rosenfeld murder investigation than he had ever dreamed possible. Newspapers articles had … Continue reading Craving Hope (VII)

Craving Hope (VI)

Ike came in from a game of basketball and headed straight for the refrigerator, pulled out a can of beer and downed a long drink. The exercise hadn’t done its job, it hadn’t eradicated his visit to the Rosenfeld house from his mind. It wasn’t his thing to get associated with murder suspects, but then, … Continue reading Craving Hope (VI)

Craving Hope (V)

A middle aged woman with a lively expression answered the door at the Rosenfeld house. “Detective Udeh, New Haven police.” He said, flashing his badge. “Is Mrs. Rosenfeld in?” “She’s in the living room,” the woman said uncertainly. “Please tell her I’m here. I’ll wait.” The woman went in and came out in seconds. “Mrs. … Continue reading Craving Hope (V)

The Summons (V) Final Chapter

Hello guys, Thanks for following the story up to this point. And Thanks for all your supportive comments and feedback. This is the last chapter for The Summons, But I’d post the epilogue a little later. Hope you all enjoy it. Cheers! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Mama was about sixty five, daintily warm hearted and kind. Roots of … Continue reading The Summons (V) Final Chapter