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Daybreak in Sambisa

Under the charred logs lay an embracing splendour… Flashback! Powers matched powers Our damsels are the ultimate Nature defends self Her allies descend from above There is Haram against Boko Many are slained… The carcasses, a testimony of Earth’s battle. Corpses on branches with Eyes Wide open Even death is scared too This is victory… … Continue reading Daybreak in Sambisa

Sambisa on Fire

Fire lights up the sky in Sambisa The forest is agog with strange sounds Eerie,abashing the wild. Rabbits seek refuge with Alligators Termites befriend earthworms Tonight Sambisa rages still. Pandemonium, as modern chariots Devour natures tranquility A paradox of cocky peace As letters are dispatched across the prairie… Strangers are becoming friends Unholy alliances brewing … Continue reading Sambisa on Fire