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A demon’s story: Pandemonium (Conclusion)

Today is the day I face the tribunal that has been raised to see into my case. After weeks of been on the run I was finally caught in a sloppy move; extracted from my vessel, dragged to purgatory and held hostage under extreme conditions. My wings were clipped with casted iron, which caused me … Continue reading A demon’s story: Pandemonium (Conclusion)

A demon’s story: Invitation to Ihiala

Two weeks have gone by and I’m still in hiding. I haven’t heard anything from anyone in authority concerning my ordeal. I’m very much trying hard to blend in with the people of this community in eastern Nigeria. I don’t use any of my abilities,  obviously to hide my identity from clairvoyant folks around. On … Continue reading A demon’s story: Invitation to Ihiala

A demon’s story: The third episode

I’ve been on the run for the past three weeks. It started the day after I took Essex to that club at Johannesburg. I noticed two young men following me unusually for a while longer than normal and then suddenly I was grabbed as soon as my guard was down. While they felt they were … Continue reading A demon’s story: The third episode

A demon’s story: One of too many

I was bored, I looked into the world to see if I could find today’s source of happiness, without much stress in searching I saw him, all idle and I said to myself, “this should be fun” after all I’ve had a day dull without activity. So I watched as he paced about his room … Continue reading A demon’s story: One of too many

Vomiting Vile Visions

Vomiting Vile Visions

Fires fly as fire-flies fight away dreams of dark dragons. Mother made me make a Promise. Pray, play, pen poems She said. Surely, silence shall not save A boy bloodied in bed by biting bats. Taking tranquilizers to tame the tiny tyrants I quiver, quietly questioning my quagmire. Crying cannibals creeping from catacombs Come closer … Continue reading Vomiting Vile Visions

The Exorcist ~ Part I

The Exorcist ~ Part I

  Ours was a small hamlet perched precariously atop a nameless rock, almost forgotten but for the healing spring that gushed forth from the base of the mountainous stone. We were a peaceful people, caring little for wars and modernity. We were content to till the earth and revel in natures blessings. We were content … Continue reading The Exorcist ~ Part I


ASTERISKED Idomo surveyed the list of humans he was assigned to destroy with a malevolent gleam in his eyes. It was a long list, six thousand, six hundred and sixty-six beings long. He had all kinds of deliciously wicked things planned for them: accidents, chronic sicknesses, retrenchment, heartbreak, disappointments, and massive crop failures; even a … Continue reading Asterisked

The Prayer Warrior

The Prayer Warrior

Kola went round the house again checking all the doors and windows, making double sure they were locked and barricaded. The single candle which was three inches in diameter burnt brightly, casting its light into every corner of the one room apartment. It was a special one, given to her by The Shepherd; one that … Continue reading The Prayer Warrior