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Parenting As A Child – Welcoming Charles III

I recently had a child, a second and a boy. He came almost five years after the first, in spite of my dodging tactics. Now that he has come, I have been quite excited, the kind of tearful excitement you feel but cannot fully express. Somehow, the excitement is entirely different from what the majority … Continue reading Parenting As A Child – Welcoming Charles III

To my unborn son (I and II)

My dearest son, I try to remember the beginning and my memory goes back to immediately after your mum and I got married. Now that I think of those turbulent early years of our marriage, I can’t fathom in fact, the contents of the glue that kept our marriage alive…barely. Our coming together was the … Continue reading To my unborn son (I and II)

I’m a Mother too

Mma Tata’s dark glittering skin had seen tough days, and that morning, it was clothed by the dust which spread as cars drove through St Bonaventure’s dual-passage gate under the dry weather. Beaten by the sun through days of sitting at odd and strategic roadsides, she was sweating through her pores, even at 9 o’clock … Continue reading I’m a Mother too

Budding Saint

Budding Saint

At first glance I look like a kid. Most people say I look like I have  just ended puberty and begun my adolescence. I smile. In a way this is right. I’d say I have just come out of puberty and I am now a teenager spiritually, but I digress. That was just a first glance … Continue reading Budding Saint

Where is Mama and Papa?

Where is mama? Where is papa? And why are people gathered in our house? On these rubbles What is an aero plane doing here? This is not an airport? Perhaps it has come to take us to London But baba Tope is crying… Why is he crying? My heart quizzed this evening. Let me ask … Continue reading Where is Mama and Papa?



“Mummy, why can’t you hear me?”

Little Alex lay on the hospital bed, a sorry sight, with his skin clinging to his bones and a deathly pale look on his face. The discolouration of his skin gave him a ghost-like appearance and he was barely conscious of his environment as he lay there struggling for dear life.