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Marlians, Are They Cultists?

Marlians! I guess you must have heard of the movement, but what I can assure you is that you haven’t heard of the Marlian cult.   Who is a Marlian? This is recent youthful movement gaining ground across Nigeria. According to the urban dictionary, A Marlian is any real follower of the controversial Nigerian singer, Naira Marley. On the surface, this definition seems … Continue reading Marlians, Are They Cultists?

Music 101: Vulgarity Sells, But Sense Sells More!

Apparently, this is not news. Sense eloped from our music industry years ago. Gone are the days when musicians were appreciated and lauded for their inspiring and motivating lyrics. The times have disappeared when Pastors and Imams could borrow from the song books of our artistes and infuse in their sermons. Nowadays, a man cannot … Continue reading Music 101: Vulgarity Sells, But Sense Sells More!