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Let’s Not Love, Let’s Live

Words for love are not always musical They are often less melodious Full of inaudible chitchats Incomprehensible lullu-lulla, hubbi-hobbi The world of love, the world unsure The realm of love, the realm unreal The sphere of love is truly not a perfect circle Sometimes hilly, sometimes plateau but often gully Love unfeigned goes to the … Continue reading Let’s Not Love, Let’s Live

REAL LOVE STORY 2 . . . A cause for Conflict

  Here is a little background on the young physician. As a child, there was this little girl, daughter of a family in the neighborhood, who was his playmate. The girl was afflicted with a disease called ‘white sickness’. She fell sick often and was usually indoor. He, as a small boy, prayed that God … Continue reading REAL LOVE STORY 2 . . . A cause for Conflict

My childhood Dog (Ojodu)

    How comforting were animals! They were never evil. They live without hypocrisy according to their natures. They hunted, not for sport, but for food. They had wild innocence, and a lovely playfulness, and their loyalties were sure and without malice. They had souls of infants, simple and artless. Even their passions were infantile, … Continue reading My childhood Dog (Ojodu)