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Looking At Me

Looking At Me

When someone looks at you, what do you normally think? I don’t really blame the eyes because, beholding is a free gift of nature, and they will keep beholding the enthusiastic nature of worldly attractions. For sure, not everything is appreciable towards sight; yet the beholder keeps beholding. PROFESSOR BUSH IS A BEHOLDER Professor Bush, … Continue reading Looking At Me


The Russian Connection (15): A Motel 6 Shootout

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 27 Location:  Motel 6 – Harrisonburg, Virginia I’m on your side Kurt. Horus was rooted the spot.  Kurt.  That had been his cover ID in Berlin.  Suddenly, Horus had a splitting headache.  He staggered back into the room. “What’s going on?”  Meghan asked. Her voice pitch had gone up, betraying … Continue reading The Russian Connection (15): A Motel 6 Shootout