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Boss Lady – Chapter Eight

The Letter Rosie tossed and turned on her bed that night, unable to sleep. A thousand thoughts swarmed around in her mind. Some were great, others not so much. “Doesn’t this sound a little too good to be true?” “What if he’s lying to me and just wants me in his bed?” “He looked honest, … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Eight


Boss Lady – Chapter Six

Rosie’s best friend from secondary school, Dora came to visit her at her house, after getting the application form for the state’s polytechnic. She encouraged Rosie to get the form as well so they could attend the Polytechnic together. “We had such a great time at the A.G.G.S. Hostel, Rosie. So many memorable times. Let’s … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Six


Boss Lady – Chapter Five

Rosie made her way past other commuters in the rowdy bus park back in her village. She had just returned from her trip to Benin and wasn’t particularly in a great mood. She transferred her purple box from her hand to her head in a bid to ease the weight. She had no idea what … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Five


Boss Lady – Chapter Four

It was 4:30 pm on Wednesday evening when Rosie arrived at Mr. Adam’s house. He was a close friend of her father who was living in a neighbouring village. Following the cancellation of the free education scheme, Rosie had made up her mind to find alternative ways of paying her school fees. She had decided … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Four


Boss Lady – Chapter Three

Rosie sped past passers-by on the dusty village road that led to the Anglican Girls Grammar School (A.G.G.S) compound. The result of the entrance examination into the secondary school had just been pasted and she couldn’t wait to see if she had been offered a spot. A.G.G.S was one of the few reputable schools in … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Three


Boss Lady – Chapter One

Rosie closed her eyes as a few tear drops glided down each cheek from the edge of her eyes. The words she had just heard crushed her from within. They resounded in her head like someone had placed them on repeat. Her heart could not bear the questions racing through her mind… Have I just … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter One

Maiden Voyage (3 – End)

Days turned to months, which turned to years, and Amaka and Tunde remained separated. They did talk, but their conversations were mostly either about trivial issues that they felt safe talking about, or formal issues that they had to talk about. There was an undertone of sadness during these conversations, a feeling of facing a … Continue reading Maiden Voyage (3 – End)

Maiden Voyage (2)

They were married shortly after they arrived in Bristol. They settled down quickly, with Amaka getting a job as a bank teller while Tunde threw himself into his postgraduate studies. After a year, he had finished with a distinction, and he had an offer to stay on as a research assistant. “They have this project … Continue reading Maiden Voyage (2)