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R E B E L DEVILS. PRIESTS. BEASTS. Devils, we never thought they existed until we witnessed them firsthand-Superfast, super strong and ever shady in their acts. The most feared creatures that walked upon the face of the earth and everyone knew for sure why it was so-for they wore the “pendant of grace” with … Continue reading Rebel

Machina: AGADA

“Cut” “No cutting” “Who said that?” “Masozi.” “Another county heard from” “Why is he talking? He’s sedated…Yes? Cut!” “No cutting.” “Masozi is that you?” “Yes. Slice, just slice…. no cutting.” “Give us a break Masozi! If the injection isn’t working at least pretend you are sedated.” “I’ll try to.” “Okay. Now, Kwabena listen to this, … Continue reading Machina: AGADA