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This Marriage

Ehhhhhh Woooooo, Ehhhhhh Woooooo! That was the unmistakable scream of Ihuoma. I lifted myself up reluctantly from my sleeping mat and strolled lazily to the entrance of the family hut to find out what the cause for alarm was this time around. Ihuoma was my sister in law and village gossip, the whole village was … Continue reading This Marriage

Caricature Of A Lonely Heart 8

Brenda looked away when she saw Sean coming towards her and the taxi-driver. The driver was still asking for his money. He was beginning to be nasty towards Brenda. She had not expected it of him. He seemed nice when she took his cab but the man in front of her wasn’t anywhere near nice. … Continue reading Caricature Of A Lonely Heart 8



    Again, on a sun scourged noon In Ajegunle when the street is ripe With crowd, a woman seizes her man By his shirt, yells atop her voice:                  Call on foes!               To judge my faults,               Purchase the most expensive               Laundry machine to bleach               My black buttocks               At … Continue reading Change

Saturday Brunch (5) – The Grand Finale.

FROM PART 4: “Kitan, stop shouting alright. Sound carries in this house, Lamide might hear you.” “Oluseeni, I don’t give a damn! Stop giving excuses! Answer my question!” “Kitan, please forget Lucy. Stop shouting ehn. I can hear something, I think Lamide might be coming back.” “Chinelo, I won’t keep quiet! Lucy is up to … Continue reading Saturday Brunch (5) – The Grand Finale.

Saturday Brunch (4).

FROM PART 3: “But just imagine if I had packed my things that time and taken the children and stormed out of the marriage. People would sympathize, of course, but then some silly girl would have moved in here and M would eventually marry her and she would make sure she removed me from the … Continue reading Saturday Brunch (4).

Saturday Brunch (3).

FROM PART 2: “I’m sorry, Lucy which Babs is this?” “Uh! Chinelo, are you asking me that? How many men do we call Babs?” “Ehn! It’s a lie! Kitan’s Babs? The… em… em… the Owotomo guy? Ah! Oh my God! That’s his wife?” “Yes Chinelo. Imagine! I can’t understand why Lucy would agree to invite … Continue reading Saturday Brunch (3).

Saturday Brunch (1).

-1- “I mean it’s just aww-ful! God have mercy on us. You know M’s cousin Wale right? The one who works with the DFID? Yes, him. He actually had an appointment to be at the UN building.” “Really? Ohmigod!” “Yes, Chinelo. Just imagine it! Please could you pass the syrup?” “Oh, no, no, Chinelo, don’t … Continue reading Saturday Brunch (1).