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Married to the Gods

Whispers of Love

My wife of Life & for Life My sunshine & Moonlight My bride, yes my pride For whom on my face lingers dancing smiles With you worries fade Like the shores washed away by waves See, with you arising in me’s faith Casting away every shame,pain and ache For you again I love Cos of … Continue reading Whispers of Love

Harmattan Within

Harmattan Within

It is Harmattan; not without, But within me is the cold. Youth and merry fill the air about; It is I that has grown old. Hawks gracing the clumsy skies, Sailing, building without rest. Sauntering down hollow aisles, Seeking a stolen nest. There is silence below the stars; Stars bright enough to burn. Still nursing these scars Like a nestling nun. I am a beggaring gloom; Counting my days in twos. I see now a full moon; A gleam of hope lain loose. It is harmattan; not without; And within she is all. Dusty leaves still burning out; It is Harmattan within after all.