• She sensed it the minute she stepped into the house. Tonight was going to be different. Her hair stood on her skin as she realised she was already reacting to him. Her lips were suddenly dry. Her heart beat in […]

  • I’d rather have a bleeding heart

    than none at all

    You have chosen to stay the part

    I’ve moved down the hall

    the emptiness inside you

    freezes all around me

    but still my heart bleeds

    and so I […]

  • Banke sat up on her bed suddenly.
    She was tucked in with her favorite Stephen King piece and something in the plot, got her thinking. It had been 5 months since Femi waltzed back into her life and stole her son’s […]

  • “I felt like I was too broken inside to articulate any form of wholeness. I had nothing to say”
    “Is that why you did nothing, when you realized, as you claimed, that the deceased was not pretending but was […]

  • When it rains, it certainly pours.

    As a kid, I never liked the rain. When all my friends sang and romped in the cold showers, I always stayed far away under some type of covering. My mother joked that I was […]

  • Athena stepped out of the Limousine and smiled at the elderly porter.

    “Hello James! How are you today?”

    “Very well ma’am. it’s a bright and sunny day!”

    She smiled a response and walked briskly into the […]

  • They say some love stories were made in heaven. Well, some are not, some are made here on earth by the characters themselves choosing to give in, compromise and stay with what matters. Femi and Banke are one of […]

  • The room had all the finery from the magazines. She never thought that her ‘family’ would be one of those who lived la vida loca in the midst of the prevalent poverty in Nigeria. “What was the current ranking?” […]

  • Mummy came home early from the hospital today. She said she had her posting changed. Something about a break out of water borne diseases in the area the day before. She said patients were brought in in droves. She […]

  • I woke up and stretched lazily on the unfamiliar bed. I was not on my bed. My room mate was out for the weekend, but had left her keys in our hiding place. I was not on hers too. Our beds felt harder, no bounce […]

  • They say some love stories were made in heaven. Well, some are not, some are made here on earth by the characters themselves choosing to give in, compromise and stay with what matters. Femi and Banke are one of […]

  • I’m building my life with you
    building my wishes to dreams come true
    Tying and meshing
    and all the right rest is
    leading me straight to you
    I’m reaching far deep within
    Reaching for depths to lead me to […]

  • The next few weeks were the most uneventful of Athena’s 31 years. Her trip to London was for business, but it proved to be more of a get away. Six weeks went by in a flash and it was, once again time to go home. this time, up town L.A. The walk into the very […]

  • Athena sat in the British Airways VIP lounge while waiting her flight. It was a busy day at Muritala Muhamed Airport, but she could have been there alone. She heard nothing, only the timed sequenced of her breathing. In and out, in and out. She had to keep breathing, it showed she could keep living. […]

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  • The flight was as stressful as she thought it would be. Athena hadn’t flown economy class in years. But Toke didn’t see the reason why Athena would spend additional money upgrading the twins to business class. And there was no leaving them either, so it was economy for all. The best they got were seat […]

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  • “Someone tell me how you deal with a past you have never wanted to deal with but keeps dealing with you? I know, it doesn’t make sense what I just said. But it does. How in heavens do I handle this whole Nigeria visit?” …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Athena’s day typically starts with an early morning jog. Not […]

  • The year was 1994 and Athena was home alone. Toke and Tireni had gone to Philadelphia to spend the Christmas break. Tireni was due back in two weeks. Toke, however was going to stay a bit a longer. She wasn’t sure if Tomide was going to come home this time with Toke or go back to […]

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