• Miss

    Sow a soft kiss

    Planted on true love’s longing lips

    And by that kiss

    Pleasures immeasurably it guarantees

    To wit I reckon an endless bliss

    Where wars are fought naught, but duty p […]

  • There she was, lying down lifeless on the bed, almost naked now. I can see her buttocks and thighs staring up at me, urging me on as my erected penis rose up to the occasion. I moved forward to the bed, sat down […]

  • In my mindset, I am

    An emancipator on a mission, to arm

    Gladiators, not with guns or a detonator

    Nay, lyrics as sharp and cutting edge like a razor

    Slashes and slices, it carves

    A new world order so […]

  • Like an animal on heat
    I’m on a rampage to beat
    this hunger and desire that got me fixated to a boiling point
    Haunted daily i am a prey to my obsessions and its always on the hunt
    intoxicated by a singular […]

  • How much do I love thee
    Let me count the stars
    How well is my love deep
    Let us ask my scars
    Embedded right in my heart torn
    This love, true I left has brought me scorn
    A blessing or a curse i cannot yet […]

  • I’m cold she says………And so my journey began….

    In medussa’s lair I fought fair
    Serpents and scorpions I marched through
    In dragons nest I conquered fear
    Armies and warlords surrounding you
    The stars […]


    In my heart there is a world apart
    Where dreams are never dreamt
    and songs never sung
    Alas sinister thoughts lingers long
    Like a river with no banks
    Intricate desires explodes like fireworks from war […]

  • Tis an act of God to behold a loanman as sincere as death
    For every man irrespective of race and creed must pay their debt
    And even in darkness it doesn’t cheat nor lie
    One by one, man, woman and child must one […]


    This is not a story
    But should be told with guts and glory
    Does time await
    For the heart who awakens late
    Nay, but fate sets a date
    For the one diligently seeking their one true mate
    But the gods who […]

  • Awesome now i’m inspired to start writing and stop doubting.
    U re really good.

  • Part One
    Once they were clothed with the stars
    As lightening they fell from the clouds
    Now they walk the depth
    Below the surface of the earth
    In a class of their own
    They think the world their home
    And with […]

  • veedkings commented on the post, Living Faith 2 years ago

    Thank u very much…Now i’m inspired to do more

  • veedkings wrote a new post, Living Faith 2 years ago

    The harvester they say,
    Never sleeps,
    Toiling night and day,
    On bended knees,
    A missionary by heart,
    A farmer by craft,
    Like a shepherd leading her cattle,
    She is ready for battle,
    She is a soldier by […]

  • Let Us Move On

    Turn off the sun
    As blinding rays penetrates our gaze
    In its wake we are fire, let us move on
    It’s a high sum but we won’t be fazed
    Stepping stones filled with fires
    In the midst of the […]

  • We crave a different kind of lust

    Forgotten in ages past and kingdom lost
    Clothed and armed with pleasurable passion crust
    Hard as a rock nay you can never crack our trust
    Blood stains drips from crown to […]

  • Unperturbed in austere times

    Unentangled in a web of complex signs
    Unfazed by a vicious complex
    I find solace in the face of duress
    Configured to righteousness
    I am withdrawn from Cross and Crescent […]

  • veedkings commented on the post, Unveiling 2 years, 1 month ago

    wow! thanks so much 4 dz… it means a whole lot.

  • With a sound of thunder the mist clears from the skies
    As with a shout sweats mixed with tears drops from my eyes
    Like a chef i do not rest
    Because the world expects only the best
    As knives and spoons i am […]

  • Thank u so much Ada… i feel honored by your words.

  • simply awesome

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