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    I saw movies! I joined but I haven’t watch a full movie in months sha…

    • So which was the last movie you watched?

      • Temptation: Story of a Marriage Counselor.
        The movie came out last year but

        • I think i watched it in March 2014…..

          • I watched it too like two weeks ago. It is a good one, I like the fact that he didn’t marry Brandy too. It would have been too whack. I would like to write a script like so. I wrote one a while back. A touch of Hitch and Fast and Furious. I liked it but too skeptic to show anyone.

            • Lol…. touch of Hitch and Fast and Furious and your being septic about it??/? those are 2 lovly combination which am sure you would be able to deliver nicely… Pls if you have finished writing it. do post it ooh…

        • Ah, that was the one by Tyler Perry. What was interesting was that even though one of the main characters was resisting temptation, the moment she gave in, it was as though she was completely helpless to resist it thereafter. Is that always the way?

          • Its the only way ooh… you now they say the devil tempts you with what you have been crazing for the most. So once she had a taste of it, she was completly lost to it. I really loved the husbnad I mean, how many guys can be that patient? The brandy character i didnt really like the casting of her.

            • I don’t think he was that patient; in the end, did he not go over and deal with her tempter?

              But it makes me wonder how really happy she was with her husband. If you really love someone, nobody will seem that tempting to you.

              • @TolaO, I generally try to avoid Tyler Perry movies, but my family just loves it. And so I caught this ‘Temptation’ movie by chance. And it was so soporific. Kim Kardashian was a terrible actress, but the black actors were divine, even if I felt the script kind of went all sorts of predictable towards the end-third. The HIV/AIDS bit was something of an overkill to me (not to say overkills can’t be awesome when properly done, though). Its strength lies in its didactic excellence, sha.

                As to temptation, its not just about love and all that sentimentalist hum-drum. Humans are not rational, we are always wanting something or someone, and when a confluence of those happens in some non-spouse person, even the best of us would fall. The wife was wanting to live more on the edge, she was curious to find happiness in the unfamiliar. And the husband was settled in her love, misreading her desires. She reached for more, but got far less than she already had. To me, she is something of a heroine; an unfaithful one, but still a heroine who decided to risk it all (maybe selfishly) for some joy. Bad bet, but great courage. Most people are too afraid to find joy for themselves, they live in unfulfilled lives and relationship, to become bitter and emotionally gnarled. I would have loved it more if she had the thing as a fling, and came back to her childhood love.

                • The HIV part was kind of off for me. I felt they just threw that in there like a last mintue add on.

                  • Yeah, correct. I thought so too. Good movie sha. Kinda reminded me of this “Sparkle” movie that starred the British-Nigerian actress, Carmen Ejogo.

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