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    For almost three weeks i couldn’t  have a sound sleep any time i close my eyes to sleep i kept on hearing the cry of the baby  i killed at my initiation day this affected my looks […]

  • @basittjamiu, thanks for your encouraging words, i will try and post the third part :)

  • Some call it fate, others call it destiny, whatever!!! both means the same to me, “why me”? is the question i have never gotten the answer . It was beginning of the month march the exams are getting closer, those […]

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    I was just like an average University Undergraduate student,i was doing things like other most young guys do in Campus, although people sometimes see me as a cool guy, because i look quiet in appearance, which […]

  • Thanks Myne,comments like yours motivates me to improve in my writing, I just want to inform you that am not an editor, so if I wish to publish my stories, is not gonna come out like this, it has to be edited by […]

  • Ola couldn’t further her education after her secondary school, because of finance, she managed to find a job as a receptionist in a business center; one evening she was coming back from work ,she noticed that a […]

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  • She was the talk of the town, six feet tall, fair in complexion, her smiles can melt a rock, her beauty, Cat walk and body shape drives both young and old men crazy, her eyes look like a piece of diamond, her […]

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