A day without a say
    I walked, I ran, I saw you
    I searched, you showed the way

    Now I look for you
    Asking why I only say hi
    And left you where I saw you
    I try and I cry
    Within me I die
    And […]

  • It had taken a while in my head to remember the days, days when I fought to become a writer, promising my family that one day I’ll become the best, the best that will change the world with my poems, my songs and […]

  • The day could not be imagined. It was one of those lovely days in which the flowers blossom beautifully, the birds sings, the wind owls, and the trees whistle. The stillness of the earth could not just be […]

  • What you love you run after
    What you run after you overtake
    Though the time may sail under
    Yet must thy might be a making

    Dash you heart and mind your love
    And unto that with persistence to flow
    For what […]

  • treasured1 posted a new activity comment 8 years, 10 months ago

    hey, been a while…what’s been happening in my absence….

  • Relationship is the relief of life For the journey is short and long Making friends trays full light But who understands friendships power? What you know is not just all Who you know makes easy call The future lies in making courtship But not all understands a wise relationship Life is just relationship to the […]

  • I will think about it That was from the beauty But my heart could not feet Yet I doused it in dignity We lug on along And time passed by Sticking without answers for long The heart tills in love ties Ages gone by Where lies the answer I love you; too shy It sounds […]

  • DO I CARE I bereaved myself of today The days of me alone walking Isolation separates my days For none I found seeking but me Here is a question for the toughing How on earth can vision become? Can all men think for nothing? Do I really care to bemoan? I understand my plight for […]

  • BLESSED PEOPLE If I am set for the world again Told to come and meet people First to you my thanks will rain And to many more I would topple For I was down and bound You came raising and freeing me I was up and really around You showed me the way to see […]

  • TRYING TO RUN OFF It’s just me and my shadow again Playing the game of hide and seek Things that I should have been rained The avoidance came to boil All that we love we pretend Seeing the mysteries of life bothers Who can stand and wear no pretense? Truth falters waiting for banners Trying […]

  • THE CUMBERSOME ROAD Life in dignity for the hiding Our days calls for no playing All men are selfish in truth The boiling point will speak As the road to the top calls Many hearts seeks the true peak On the road we must stand The mind goes here and there Crowded we are sailing […]

  • I’M REALLY SORRY I lay my hand on my chest And bow for my wrongs first As our love could have been It’s my fault, you’re green I am truly sorry for all things You may not understand my flings But I still love you only For only you to me are holy Speechless I […]

  • I’M STILL HERE Colder and colder I go As the pain of the past flows Wish the hand of time could turn But within I really burn I am still here in changing Forgetting the past for my slaying Though some pains can truly kill Life is sometimes up the hill I am awakened again […]

  • TAKING MY HOPE All that has been left behind When the world thought me unkind I take the mantle all over again As I walk to be plain I take the road I’d left As obedience calls I wept I am me as a human The fear of tomorrow was manned I let go of […]

  • WORK ON YOURSELF It had failed before time It had been thought truly perfect All we know is our prime But tomorrow is another day The seed may have been sown The journey may have been longed Yet things can fail our flown It’s just lessons and moving on As happiness comes through understanding Joy […]

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