• “But dad, I want to go and watch el-classico by 4pm ” he said with his faced squeezed with disappointment. he continued,

    “I have been in church since 8am till 3.:pm attending Sunday school, service,choir. […]

  • we want to be respected
    admired for whom we are
    a need higher than clothes and shelter
    acknowledged by friends and peers

    second only to money
    we wish to be adored
    we forget to give it
    while craving for it […]

  • tobechi74 wrote a new post, My world 3 months ago

    welcome to my world of uncertainty
    questioning is my home
    engolved by the spirit of Thomas
    a doubter I have become
    so gentle you ‘ll mistake me for a priest
    appearance makes me look churchy
    once filled with […]

  • feeling of sadness engulf my soul
    season of distress like an endless road
    hurts like bullet piercing through my flesh
    gate of joy locked,its keys unknown
    in the midst of my weakness, I crave for strength
    a […]

  • tobechi74 wrote a new post, Closed Mind 3 months ago

    lying on my sofa,sleep refusing to come
    images of blood flashing through my mind
    our youth murdered by men in uniform
    dead bodies everywhere littered on the floor

    hiding the hurt .masking the pain
    pitying […]

  • holy sin,god will understand

  • When children play outside

    And mother calls them to come inside

    The laughter of playing in the yard

    Suddenly turns into tears

    No,we do not want to come inside
    We want to play forever and ever
    Then […]

  • Three thieves agreed to set up a church..

    A business venture certain to boom

    Not knowing the name to call the church

    Sat one morning to deliberate on the issue.

    The first speaker got up ,eager to […]

  • while i was away from you
    my world did not stop to move

    .why I showered you my wholehearted love
    Still remains a mystery yet unsolved.

    We weren’t meant o last forever
    But to propel each other to a h […]

  • mr was met julian at a church crusade and fell for her instantlty. He asked her out and she accepted. She gave a condition:there would be no sex, no romance,no kissing. He agreed hoping she would soon change her […]

  • I want to drink your love and dive into your heart

    But I need to feel your heart invitation

    I want to feel you wanting me to enter you.

    All you show me is fence of protection

    I can sense your heart […]

  • very funy piece, cant stop laughing

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  • when it comes to meaninful poetry with deep lesson,you are my mentor

  • tobechi74 commented on the post, Slumber Diaries 1 year ago

    educative and informative. What a patient and supportive young man

  • The first time I set my eyes on her was in the bank premises when I went to withdraw money via the ATM. I fell in love in with her. I had always heard of love at first sight but I never knew I could fall a victim […]

  • every one is happy for me except me

    my friends are rejoicing while my heart is heavy

    i have finally cheated my way through the poor education system

    and you tell me examination is a true test of […]

  • tobechi74 wrote a new post, Game over 1 year ago

    Why did she agree to date this guy
    who was not anywhere near her type
    yes.she remembered. he gave her a job
    after she spent four years looking for work
    he was obviously not anywhere near his type
    yes she […]

  • tobechi74 commented on the post, our son has gone mad 1 year ago

    thanks .i am glad you enjoyed it

  • tobechi74 commented on the post, our son has gone mad 1 year ago

    thanks. I just heard about self mariage and i imagined how our fore fathers would have reacted to it which gave birth to the story. I am glad you like it

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