• Hello @skola93 nice first chapter you have here. I particularly enjoyed the change of POV from Sandie to Obed and then back to Sandie. Gave quick insight into their heads. Then also, I enjoyed the ‘Nigerianness’ […]

  • Let’s meet on a plain field
    Where sunshine doesn’t ruin the feel
    Let’s meet outdoors
    Baring emotions outwards
    Let’s meet for old times
    Starting again not on borrowed times
    Let’s meet with substance […]

  • She sat there, once, twice gazing tentatively
    Trying to recollect a time
    When memory was like a glass of Amarula
    Sweet and intoxicating
    She sat there and found none
    Her mind and body had become numb
    Her soul […]

  • I am amazed at the grace I received
    Grace that brought glory days I had perceived
    Alternatively still, my faith had grown
    On words I had known

    Still I toil from morn to morn
    To love myself and those that […]

  • The pressure of holding back pain
    Coursed through her, weakening her veins
    Her eyes slithered at the sound of her voice
    Her words never left stuck somewhere in between
    She wanted to plunder, not plow
    Yet she […]

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    I appreciate the comment

  • In surviving, he fought
    In loving, he fought
    In dreams, he fought
    For her, he fought.
    Now he fights
    For lies and brutal truths
    For as a man who demons distress
    He fights with every breath and […]

  • This time I will approach her
    Say those things I have held back
    This time I will conquer it
    For heart is heart, no fearing it
    Love’s only pain is unrequited
    Love’s gentle flow if always felt

    This time I […]

  • I can feel the warmth of his breath
    His hand and their sweat
    His body is hard, hard in all places
    Including his heart

    I can feel his edges
    Edges and his scoffs
    His smell is gripping, sweat smell […]

  • When the heart beats at nothing but itself, she wonders
    When the belly twitches for nothing in particular, she wonders
    When the shivering starts and the weather isn’t chilling, she wonders
    When the life seems d […]

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  • He lies awake and stares
    At nothing but himself
    He creates another and looks through their eyes
    He curses his weakness and all that it seems
    His faith misplaced, drowning in disbelieve
    Still, He lies awake […]

  • The sight of her brings her dread
    Her perfume repugnant brings fear
    Her smile is spiteful
    Her voice destroys
    Her palms is sweaty
    Filled like a glass blasted by the rain.
    Still, she stands and looks […]

  • All promises were made
    Not all were kept
    Some we remembered,
    Some we deliberately dismembered
    All promises are strong
    Like bonds on bonds
    Yet all we break.
    For reasons, mostly our sakes

    JJ was ill […]

  • We all reach for that which is forbidden
    Like Adam, eve and the apple
    A longing beyond our reach
    A love fragile, uncertain and unstable.
    You see, the satisfaction isn’t in the getting
    For the forbidden can b […]

  • Whose side were you always on
    When papa’s cane made thumping sounds
    When whispered echoes drowned my muffled cries
    When anxiety made me groan
    Whose side were you always on
    When I looked at you for r […]

  • While we weep – while we weep
    We breathe as though we feel
    A hand choking us as we sleep
    A plan making sure we sink

     While we weep – while we weep
    We reach for a steady grip
    A grain of peace within our […]

  • In an altar of delight
    A girl beamed her light
    Just to alter her plight
    Yet – she sunk in her fright
    In an altar of desire
    A boy played with fire
    Trapped in lust vicious fist
    Yet – he sought to escape its […]

  • We were fine
    Except for those thoughts
    Those thoughts seemed okay
    Except for those words
    Those words were acceptable
    Except for that deed,
    That deed deemed cool
    Our normal wasn’t acceptable
    Our a […]

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