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just another human with a dream.

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writer, gamer, anime freak and music lover. ( yup that’s me). uh for starters i like beans and i hate 98% of Nigerian music – it just lacks creativity and depth, but as shitty as it is there’s still some hope for it. i love rock or heavy metal music. i have a strange fascination for darkness ( i don’t work for the devil). but i really like dark stuff hence my fav colour is black. As for achievements i have three gold medals in the national bread and egg competition ( something i’m every proud of). As a writer, what i look for in a literary piece is SID – style imagery and depth. ehn i’m a teenager and when i’m not ¬†writing, i’m watching the latest movies and series (minus nigerian stuff). damn it i made this bio too long ( well at least now you know) p.s i love sci-fi, i love cake and i totally bleed literature.

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