• Fredrick knew he needed to act fast after his discussion with Ikem.

    It was obvious Ikem was thinking of going back to Ugochi, and he wasn’t so certain the kind of reception he is likely to receive. Although, U […]

  • Fredrick got in and looked around. It was a duplex. The compound was very neat and beautiful with trees and flowers everywhere. There were two cars parked, a Peugeot and a Mercedes Benz. Those two cars speak money […]

  • Ugochi watched as Fredrick paced nervously in front of her. For the first time since she met him, she came to his house for a visit. Also, this is the first time he’s showing any form of nervousness to her, h […]

  • Three days later, Fredrick decided to meet his yet to be disclosed twin, Ikem on his own terms and not make use of the relationship between him and Ugochi. He didn’t want Ugochi to be more hurt by his own i […]

  • The next day, Ugochi woke up to a lot pain. She was alone in bed and she assumed Dawn must have gone in to work. Her body ached so bad she could barely move from the bed. She would have to call in sick to the […]

  • The next day Ugochi received a call from Frederick.


    “Hello dear,” he answered. “I just received a very distressing call from Ijay some minutes ago. She said it seemed your man saw us together the other […]

  • Ugochi drove into her compound at exactly 10:30pm. She parked the car at the slot in front of her apartment, got out and locked the car.

    She tried her door, found it locked and unlocked it with her keys. Ikem […]


    Ikemefuna sat on the couch in his living room, arms folded on his chest, eyes clouded with anger, lips stretched thin, and watched the hand of the clock move towards 9pm for the umpteenth time. He was fuming […]

  • There’s this girl that lives down my street; fair, tall, and beautiful with all the right curves. That’s you, Becky. I learned from my best-friend that you moved into the neighborhood with your family some three […]

  • Eight weeks later

    Alewa stood at the door watching the girls in the room. They were all involved in one activity or the other. Some were reading, some playing games, and some knitting. One girl was seated by […]

  • Not bad


    Written By Emeka Chiaghanam

    TWO boys, Chukwuebuka Patrick Atikpo and Chukwuebuka Patrick Ubaka, and their parents stormed National Light Newspapers claiming that they are the original inventors of Bitter […]

  • By Izunna Okafor

    The Society of Young Nigerian Writers Anambra State Chapter, in
    collaboration with the Anambra State Library is seeking submissions of quality poems and essays from writers across the globe, […]

  • Maggie Smart wrote a new post, Forever 2 9 months ago


    After everything she had been through in her young life, she couldn’t believe this was where she was to end up, rotting away from a disease contracted from her father.

    She guessed it was fitting though; he […]


    Alewa rummaged through her purse for her car keys at the parking lot. She remembered dropping them in earlier when she got to the doctor’s office. She searched and searched as silent tears trickled down he […]

  • Up NEPA!!!!!! A tiny voice shouted from the next door and I sprang up immediately from the where I lay with a burst of energy. You know that rush of happiness that courses through you anytime that phrase comes […]

  • Sitted very close to the window, something happening beside me in a bus I entered yesterday afternoon, made me restless. There was this guy who sat next to my right shoulder. He kept nudging me with his own […]

  • Beautiful work of literature. I enjoyed it.

  • Yeah. Quite sad.

  • It used to feel good being the odd guy at school. From the first till his final year, everyone knew Collins was the go-to guy to have a free insight into the latest happenings in the minds of the females on […]

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