• I was a barman in one of the renowned clubs in Victoria Island. Serving drinks to men and women and smiling to please them, even when I shouldn’t, was my duty. I was a Youngman of nineteen, broad-shouldered, tall, […]

  • Black, smoky wool covered the sky

    And darkness showered from up high

    Blind birds lightened the street with mild music

    Even the trees could not help but dance to it

    The street was dark and deserted at […]

  • CHAPTER 13 “Is that Mr. Eton?” “Who am I speaking with, please? “Lawal, from the Nkpani police department.” “Okay, hold on let me go get him.” There was a crackling sound, and a moment later, Eton’s gruff voice sounded, “Hello, Lawal,” “Ya, good morning sir. Sorry to disturb you this early.” The time was nine […]

  • CHAPTER 12 The Nko warriors, after having chased and struck at their Nkpani enemies for close to an hour, stopped at Lebang and started retreating at Ugbojon’s command. As they came back towards Timkpo, they scrambled for heads of their fallen enemies; it brought immense pride to them to return with heads. Ugbojon already had one. […]

  • CHAPTER  11 The Nkpani warriors were swimming vigorously across the river towards the Nko-rians. They had left their guns behind – no point carrying guns with empty cartridges. Their machetes were tucked in their waist straps so as not to slow their pace. *         *         * Whether Obodo stuck first or next was a controversy for another […]

  • O, I love her I love her like a fresh scar I love her like a rotten egg And daily, freedom from her, I beg I love her bright morning smiles I love the woes, that daily, she piles I love how she strongly loves Withholding her pleasures, and shielding her curves O, what a […]

  • Boots and lethal steels trudged into the village Spilling shells and causing raging rampage Aged men and women groped for walking sticks While the youths ducked as the shells hit bricks A moment ago, the day had been smiling Surprisingly, it suddenly began frowning I stood confused during this frightening fracas Then a pellet brushed […]

  • CHAPTER 9 It was getting close to thirty minutes since the Nko warriors left the village. They took the Nkpawen root into the forest. At the moment, they were close to ‘ Epogho.’ Epogho was a small river in the forest of Nko. It used to have a wooden bridge across, but it had been destroyed and the people […]

  • Ah, i can’t stand ur wrath. The next part promises 2 be longer. LOL!

  • CHAPTER 8 The Nkpani police department is a very small unit with a dozen officers. The most superior officer was Inspector Gabon. Inspector Gabon was a short, fat man, with a slight on the shoulder. He was posted to Nkpani a few years back from the calabar main department. There were rumours that his transfer was […]

  • CHAPTER 6 When the Nkpani warriors returned, they weren’t jubilant. Although, they brought back twenty heads, they were sad. They had lost eighteen men. They had planned to take the Nko people unaware and kill them in their numbers, but they hadn’t anticipated coming across a viper. They had seen the corpses of their fellow warriors […]

  • Tanx, tanx, tanx. I’m really glad u all, fantastic writers, found time 2 read thru. May ur ink never go dry…

  • Tanx, tanx, tanx. I’m really glad u all, fantastic writers, found time 2 read thru. My ur ink never go dry…

  • CHAPTER 5 The beginning of the next day was uneventful in Nko. As early as eight ‘O’ clock, the sun shone brightly as though it had been tickled by God. The people had just started going to their farms. In less than an hour after eight, Nko was almost deserted. The kids had gone to […]

  • BOB wrote a new post, She Ruled 9 years, 4 months ago

    An uncommon village dame, she was Blessed with abundant misery, never saw a couch Ravaged in plentiful pennilessness that seemed a curse But she’s a statue one would pray to touch Like a stray star in the Milky Way A helpless chicken among famished vultures She ruled, crownless, until that day When she got still and […]

  • BOB wrote a new post, Greatness 9 years, 4 months ago

    Let me tell you a story  About a man who sought glory He was a man who lacked worries Had dreams that could fill several lorries He was cheerful and shunned greed An ardent believer of humanistic creed He helped others run while he crept Some of them flew, while he leaped But in all, […]

  • CHAPTER 4 Three hours later, the police came over. They had been alerted by one of Eton’s uncles. They got to the house in time to meet one of Agaba’s relatives outside. “You’re here,” the relative greeted, looking hysterical. “Ya, where’s he?” The taller cop asked. “Come,” the relative beckoned and started walking inside. The cops […]

  • Nice poem. It relates 2 most writers; d realities we face.

  • Tanx 4 reading thru despite d typographic mistakes @ d beginning…

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