• Ummm God’s anointed for real. I can easily relate with the storyline. I am just like the writer, Mathematics class is a lion’s den to me. Thank God the writer survived like many of us. If I may ask, what is the p […]

  • Tis is real
    I believed God understand us
    He will not fault us for saving the life He gave medically
    And I hope we wise up
    Faith is not an excuse for ignorance

  • Easily said than done
    After having two kids
    Couples soon forget the sweet promises
    He blames her, she blames him
    Till the problem goes beyond fixing…..
    Bravo for tis excellent delivery

  • Love is an irony
    In a moment, it fills you with sweet memories
    In a twinkle of an eye, you’re down bleeding I hope we learn to trust ourself
    And cease putting our trust in mortals

  • What a shame
    For we keep making the same mistake o’er time
    Though we must fall to rise
    But for how long ?
    Or should one cease loving ?
    Tis I think will save one from the frequent heartache
    But can one do […]

  • “No one attempts to cross River Imo with a stolen
    property and becomes successful.”I wish this work everywhere in Nigeria…. “As there is a Water Police“ in tis piece, I pray for Heaven sent Land Pol […]

  • We cannot fight it, lust taken for love must be celebrated on every 14th February……………….. Bravo !

  • Waiting will do good to two love birds
    Through tis moment they shall grow
    Thou they stand the risk of fallen apart
    But if they’re never tired of waiting, tis snail-love of their’s will grow wings and soar with […]

  • “I’m your woman, not your sex machine!”…….
    Like Nancy, some women long for true love, not a cheap substitue
    Alas ! Nosa is a casanova
    It is the irony of life
    , that it fails to give us what we want […]

  • The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous woman availeth
    much.” … Funny ?
    It’s godly that we accomodate others
    We must love them enough, to change them for better
    Killing or sending them packing with o […]

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    ……….. Your mission……..
    Like a taxi meter our life keep tickling away
    This is a reminder, so don’t delay
    Like Jesus, we all have our mission
    Are you wondering what your mission is ?
    Go read the great commission
    To fufill this mission, tis you must do
    Accept him and strive to live for him
    Live in the light that his mission while on earth…[Read more]

  • You’re confused, you doesn’t know what you want from the opposite sex…..
    It’s better you let go the thought of becoming a reverend father, if not I see you impregenating some sisters …….
    Good write.

  • olufemiebenz… commented on the post, My Nigeria 5 years ago

    Your Nigeria or our Nigeria
    You’re greedy, no qualms it is allowed
    Let hope the fufillment justifies our waiting
    In short, the piece is good

  • olufemiebenz… commented on the post, Dark Edges 5 years ago

    What is life if we stop hoping ? I like these lines “Be hopeful and full of smiles;
    As there will be bigger and better days
    You are destined to rise“
    …… If we keep up the good fight, the bigger and better […]

  • Abiku is a myth
    Thou it threatens mankind in ages past
    That many still dwell in its shadow till today
    It is my opinion that advancement in health care facilities has put an end to the days of the Ogbanjes…… […]

  • I admolish the writer for his firm decision
    Thou we’re weak that we’re robbed by our emotions
    The earlier we know they are traitors
    The quicker we will learn to stop them from hurting us ……….. Bravo.

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