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    The gray path glided before me
    Through cool, green shadows;
    Little leaves hung in the soft air
    Like drowsy moths;
    Farther on, a slim lilac
    Drew me down to her on the warm grass.
    “How sweet is peace!”
    My serene heart said.

    Then, suddenly, in a curve of the road,
    Red full lips!
    A luscious body, swaying,
    Sweet spirit, kind soul
    She marched with sensuous legs,
    And gay strides displaying!

    A swift flame leapt in my heart;
    I burned with passion;
    I was tainted with affection;
    I wanted to swoon in the wind,
    To tear the silence with gay music,
    And to slash the sober green
    Until it sobbed and bled of joy…
    Yes, love had found me out.


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