Okoh C. Paul

Okoh C. Paul

  • Every seconds the phone keep ringing

    Every minute a soul goes on a journey

    A journey of no coming back

    Many are answering the call

    A call not to answer


    It is…When a soul is losing it all ou […]

  • Remember those who were there for you

    Remember while you have hold on for long

    Remember your love ones

    Remember your friend

    Remember you got God and you are never alone


    That no matter what you […]

  • In such a time like this

    When the world is going up way down

    And it seems everything is falling apart

    And the center cannot hold

    Life is just full of life drama


    This is the time to […]

  • I write to take back hope

    To the street called hope

    I write for that one whose

    Tired and lost hope for living

    While I write



    I write to be the voice

    Of that one whose society has l […]

  • All we need is a working system
    Where public funds are utilize to the core
    From the one in the government to the one out there
    Ruled or rule each one has part to play
    Towards a working […]

  • Every hand is on deck the search is on
    To recover all what the looters has taken from her
    The government of the day is fighting tooth and nail
    To make sure no stone is left untouched
    Everyone must be probe and […]

  • Early life when he just started life

    Was armed with the necessary things

    That will make life easy for him to live through life

    He was shown the best two factors to make him great

    As life goes on after […]

  • …hmmm it begins with just a habit

    The world is doing it and is a normal thing

    That goes on and on in the present day will live in

    Everyone is chasing this and that mixing up with all sorts

    An i […]

  • They said it takes a woman

    To give birth to a child

    Then it takes the whole village

    To raise the child,


    Then what happens?

    When the village goes to sleep

    What happens to such a child?

    A […]

  • Our home has been taken over

    By this water bodies

    Water bodies have broken their boundaries

    Now hunting us taken over our land and homes

    Lots of properties are destroyed carted away


    Is up to […]

  • Long ago in a distant land

    Land was left to his own fate

    Letting go of activities because of her ground

    Refuses to yield result talkless of reaching harvest

    A forgotten harvest


    The world left […]

  • In the past have written about the state of the nation as a whole but now I will be talking about the whole sector separately, the first will be the police force so come with on this journey as we travel into the […]

  • A moment will come when it will all pay off

    When that years of toiling and working

    It will be like a dream of a night

    Like a thunder bolt it will hit bow

    You will be remember all […]

  • Make sure you write all what you can write

    Bringing in the best brain you got in your arsenal of thinking faculty

    Make sure you do to write in history and stood out

    Standing out not to sell gossip but […]

  • If tomorrow never comes remember I’ll always be there for you

    See the day may be fast and busy for us not to see each other, but

    Always remember that you are always on my mind, so go ahead

    Live as if am a […]

  • My gold of inestimable price

    She is bought with a price

    Far above rubies mother nature’s work of art

    A gift to mankind valued above everything

    Radiating the glory of her maker God

    My Queen so b […]

  • The night is far spent
    As darkness awaits the dawn
    Darkness waits creation dawn
    The cockcrow has crow
    Ushering the dawn of a new day
    Waking my sunshine
    In the sunshine of the day
    Radiating in the […]

  • I refuse to die and unlive life, if you die this very moment what will die with you that dream, that idea and that creativity, living out all your potentials.

  • It comes like a mighty rushing wind

    The whole city is about to witness

    A mighty rain is about to pour down

    From heaven’s gate so reviving so refreshing

    Heaven’s flood gate


    There will be a mome […]

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