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  • Femi could not believe his eyes as he stared intently at Tosin Kayode. She had also been having an affair with the Chief. Femi knew that wasn’t meant to surprise him but it did. Did that also mean the Chief had […]

  • An hour later, Femi was seated in the computer room. He had already received the details about the two numbers in his mail; the blackmailer’s name was actually Roger Brown and he lived at Aggrey Road. Femi had […]

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    You can..just make sure it has my name at the end

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    Femi’s eyes went from the gun in his hand to his eyes which looked red. If Femi did not know any better, he would have thought Jide had been crying in the bathroom.

    “You have no idea how many times I’ve tried […]

  • Chief Emeka was having an affair?

    Femi was short of words and even thoughts. He took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote:

    Victim’s life

    1. Family man

    2. God fearing

    3. Philanthropist

    He […]

  • Femi tried to make sense of what he had just read; of the letter he was holding in his hand. The late Chief Emeka Okafor, a hypocrite? It did not quite suit his profile. He thought the man had a clean slate, loved […]

  • Femi turned on the tape recorder and faced the young woman seated before him. He inhaled deeply and smiled at her.

    “Miss or Mrs Catherine?” He asked as she snorted and looked away. “Okay, I’ll just call you […]

  • I’m not a fan of poetry but I must confess, I love this

  • Femi stood waiting patiently for Pamela, Chief Emeka’s secretary, to scrutinize his I. D card She handed it back to him and rose to her feet.

    “You know we can’t really trust people these days” she said and led […]

  • Ujunwa Okafor sat in the living room with a blanket over her shoulders and her son sitting on the arm of the sofa with his right hand on her right shoulder. Her eyes were red and swollen. She had been the first to […]

  • 2:00pm

    Chief Emeka Raymond Okafor briskly walked into his office with his secretary trailing behind him and using laboured breaths to inform him of his next meetings. His P. A walked at his left, as brisk as […]

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    I felt it once again; I could even smell her. She was there again; feeding on my fear as she always did. I did not want to turn; I did not want to see that familiar face again; a face so scary but similar to mine- […]

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