• Thanks for your kind words, I am flattered.

  • The phenomena in my country
    In recent times, like aphrodisiacs,
    Are jerking my quills
    With erection to wind another yarn.

    My paper lays bare
    On my night bed
    Like a waiting bride on her first night,
    And I will […]

  • The affair of wee mortals
    With our planet has gone awry again;
    Crabby like the acrid taste of long kept palm wine.
    We mask our depredation with mendacious diplomacy.
    Hence this social distance between us and […]

  • The Corona virus
    Is nothing but a hybrid
    Of history and literature;
    ICT and biology
    And international politics.

    In the “Eyes of Darkness”
    Decades ago
    Was the Wuhan-400 bred
    In some biology laboratory in Wuh […]

  • Part II
    My friends, let us leave that side of the gist.
    Let us now hear the gist of this scientist
    Who (possibly) was in that ill-fated ship.
    He’s a physician who gave charges cheap.
    As such, he lived in a hut i […]

  • Part 1
    Of all novelists now living or dead,
    My friends, I owe this poem to Clive Cussler’
    A writer that’s come to live in my head.
    Only for him, I would not write proper
    On such way-back subject as Titanic
    He too […]

  • They lied when they told us a man must first die
    Before seeing either heaven or hell.
    Because they are palpably alive with us here.

    Hell is neither beneath us nor heaven above.
    They meet on our street side […]

  • The most apt metaphor to describe
    My beautiful country, Nigeria, is darkness.
    Black is beautiful, as our complexions are dark.

    It is so dark in here because there is no light.
    It is the kind of darkness that […]

  • We are in a country
    Where poetry or rhetoric does not matter.
    What matters really is flattery.
    So my people are now like:
    Because what really matters […]

  • Dear Adanna Otuechere, your poem is absolutely lovely.

    I like the brevity and the manner with which you clearly describe the dancer and the dances; the manner with which you describe the change of music from […]

  • It is not too early to plan 2018. Yes, your employer has grudgingly released your December salary which has now put you in the position of buying gifts for people, enjoying Christmas without restrictions and […]



    Listen as life is not a push of long jump but a gentle process.


    Listen, hush, just listen

    As the birds hover the sky, flying free

    Without hurts, without fears

    The trees away from the bu […]

  • Three men dressed in camouflage converged over a map spread on top of a table in an uncompleted building. One man pointed at a spot on the map.

    “As they descend this slope, they will lose direct line of sight o […]

  • Igbekele handed over the piece of paper to Ediabani who glanced at it casually once and tore it to shreds.
    “We are done here, the boys will see you off”, Igbekele said and the door opened behind Agents Emeto and […]

  • The ending murdered me.
    I loved, loved, loved the repetitive “I just met her.” Simplicity at its best.

  • The truck rode up to a makeshift road block manned by three heavily armed men and came to a halt. Two men walked up to the sides of the vehicle and signaled Agents Emeto and Nduka out of the truck, as they […]

  • The rendition is what I loved most.

  • Oh myy!! It read like you had a writing marathon where you wrote for 5 minutes, stopped, and picked up the race again. I loved, loved, loved, the pictures you added. It flowed well like a beautiful piece of […]

  • I’m clapping for you the author of this great poem, for the authority, passion, truthfulness and motivation spilling from each stanzas. I am truly happy.

  • The title is extremely lazy for a piece like what you have here.
    After the first paragraph my reaction was “ghen, ghen.” This story was hot, sexy, and everything else in between and I enjoyed it fully!

    The […]

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