john chizoba vincent

john chizoba vincent

  • We snapped memories into photobook
    Watching the edges of songful hedges
    Draw a hopeful singlet of grace of
    Testimonies conquered in neglected verses.
    We played from the check of honoured
    Dimples crossing […]

  • i created another Jaja yesterday!
    a braver Jaja unlike that timid feeble boy
    Chimamanda gave life in Purple hibiscus.
    i gave him a gun and a mightier heart.
    i carved a pumpkin route for him to follow
    i made […]

  • I don’t know why a story should start with a boy hanging himself cause he was giving freedom to see life & have a kiss with his lips!
    Then, the pages moved on and on until their shadows recreated another […]

  • Dear boy:

    Do not enslave your thoughts to the ashes of Eden,
    Do not build your hope upon the tight pocket of mental women learning to wipe out their sweat against the wall of your voicelessness and fear.
    Do […]

  • Often times, I watch mother write
    a note of elegy on her pretty lips,
    She paint off her sorrow with a
    foundation of dirge and eulogy
    Each morning she wakes in front of
    the mirror and her temple rumpled.
    She […]

  • Tell mother and father
    Mountains are not like us
    We’ve grew knowing Makoko
    We’ve tasted The heat of Ajegunle
    And the sun at Akala skylines.
    We have visited Bayelsa watching
    Children thrown into oceans and […]

  • For boys like me,
    who think quitting is a better passport
    to create dreams, remember Eisten.
    For boys like me,
    whose brains are fire & water, oceans are splashes of thoughts interwoven.
    Its unbroken. […]

  • We are lost cities finding reasons
    to join our broken aspirations together,
    a lost elegies uprooting tubers of yam planted by our forebearers,
    dreams seeking for home and abode to abide by in the nexus of […]

  • You as a competitor, you are the least people can fight against. You are beyond the thought of the world. You want to see the sun rise and hope for the coming of the rain to wash away your tears. You the […]

  • I don’t know when these lines ran off my shouldering lips this morning…
    but I guessed they are spirit and being,
    home and forest, evil and sorrow.
    I don’t know that men are made of
    two spirits & souls & […]

  • the road went blind
    two blind couples on
    each other finding out
    how pleasure tastes
    they went in & out of
    each other selfishly
    their bodies groaned
    their skins welcomed
    their craveness for more
    love and […]

  • To keep your marriage smiling
    Never point your finger on the
    Hungry face of your husbands,
    Never dream like a woman in
    the Disney World Series of lies
    and paint that clothed sorrows

    To keep your love […]

  • I am a poet describing nature
    none of your busines if I have
    mansion or live in a teary hut
    curse me or spit on the sand I
    step on, i chose the life I live now
    Destiny choose me for this dream
    Its nobody’s […]

  • Open the book of history chapter 19
    Allow your shadow to roam on its surface, turn to verses twenty and
    wait. trace your finger forward, keep going; then Stop! Do you see that word corruption marked In red […]

  • Down here,
    is an abysmally dead world!
    The sun shines at night while the moon
    Illunates the busy day
    Plane run on railway tracks and let the
    Train fly up there in the sky
    Ship have taken over the road and […]

  • Has your grandma told you how
    she queued to collect a cup of rice
    at the campaign ground?
    Has your father narrated to you how he was paid to steal the ballot papers?
    Has you been told how your mother shot […]

  • deep, deep into the coven
    Men gathered in black red
    chanting of loom doom to come
    Spiritualism shrunk and shrieked
    Enchantment of idols of life
    Chanting rumbles of voidness and
    tempest and hailstones and […]

  • and I heard hell called on men
    for eternal life for them all
    they ran here and there with
    decorated bottles of beer and
    handy skimpy sluts.
    filthy theme of righteous played
    they called heaven a dreadful […]

  • If we begin this tale from the left,
    many will see the sons and daughters of tomorrow emerged.
    Did God really said “let there be light”?
    Or was it a planted falsehood in hearts?
    Are we really wet in the image […]

  • Psychopomp led me into afterlife
    into the souls’ of our forefathers,
    into the dire grave, spiritualism,
    i saw spirits, deities, the deads;
    the beneficient dead of the night.
    i laid on the ancestor’s cult […]

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