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Izunna I. Okafor (born 9th Jan 1994) is a Young Nigerian Writer who hails from Ebenator in Nnewi South Local Government Area, Anambra State Nigeria. He had his secondary school at Community Secondary School Ebenator. Currently, He is a Student of Nnamdi Azikiwe Awka in Anambra State, Nigeria. He also holds O.N.D in public Administration from the same school. Izunna is award winning creative Young Writer who has written and published so many books which have been widely praised and aplauded. He is the Author of these interesting books (novels) : 'IKEM'S ADVENTURE' (his first book) which was published in Nigeria in the year 2012, during his secondary school era; 'THE CURSE OF A WIDOW' his second novel (published in 2013); 'THE FAITHFUL CHILDREN' his third book (published in 2014 and shortlisted for 2015 Ezenwa Ohaeto Award for Young Nigerian Novelists); 'AJO ENYI', his fourth book published in 2015 (the winner of 2015 Pita Nwanna Award for Igbo Literature); ''TEACH ME GRAMMAR'' (published in 2015) among so many other books and articles which he has written, both published and yet- to-be- published ones. The books Mentioned above are all prose by genre and they are fictional (except 'Teach me Grammar which is an expository prose). Izunna has transformed many lives through his books. He has motivated many youths to become creative and productive, and he is a role model to many students. Izunna Okafor, as young as he is, started pursuing his writing career during his secondary school era because he cherishes and has lots of interest for education and literary works. His books have been widely praised and acknowledged by known men, notable authors, co-young authors, lecturers, school heads, literary critics, teachers, book reviewers, students and so many other people who read the books. His main objectives towards writing include: 'To completely obliterate, eradicate and abolish the wicked and inhumane acts of people the world which is gradually becoming cultures and traditions of the world'. His aim towards writing is also 'To expose and oppose the illicit and ungodly behaviours people engage and find pleasure in; to pomote literary unerstanding; to rivive and revitalize our ailing languages especially Igbo language (his mother toungue) which is gradually sinking and dying day by day. Through his writing, he also intends to motivate and inspire his fellow youths, enhance the love for literary works , to cultivate and propagate effective reading culture in the lives of people especially Students; thus promoting academic excellence. Izunna Okafor is mainly known for his creative, motivational and inspirational writing. He is equally known for his immense contribution in the literary field of study; in the promotion of igbo language and other basic academic fields of study. His books are highly creative, motivational, inspirational, interesting, educative, informative, entertaining and helpful to all human being of any age bracket. They touch various areas and ramifications of life in respect to what are happening in the world today, and they teach moral. These books have been sold in thousands of copies in different parts of the nation. Izunna Okafor has featured and participated in so many writers seminars, workshops, conferences and writers awards, including '' 2015 Young Nigerian Writers Award '', ''Pita Nwanna Prize For Igbo Literature(won)'' ''Ezenwa Ohaeto Award for Young Nigerian Novelists (shortlisted), ''Aluta Entrepreneural Challenge'', among others. He is a member of various writers associations and clubs including 'Society of Young Nigerian Writers'. His career aspiration and prospect is to be a reputable administrator and a famous writer (author). He has already begun the journey and is eager, earnest and optimistic to accomplish it.

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