Damilola Yakubu

Damilola Yakubu

  • It will always be a hobby. ‘Not everything is “word and opposite”.’ The fact that it is doesn’t stop it from being serious work or a ‘chore ‘.

    For the analysis: I can’t do that for this piece – there’s too much […]

  • Lol. Okay then. Writing is a hobby for me :D.
    Keep ‘experimenting’. I haven’t read your other pieces, I’ll try to do that.

    I am re-reading bits of this piece and I find myself amused, almost laughing. […]

  • Okay, where do I start?
    This is too long, and needlessly long. What is the essence of this story? I wanted to stop half-way and just comment, but I thought I owed you due diligence so I finished it. I enjoyed the […]

  • Another ‘Fattening room’ story and I didn’t tire reading another one because this was told well. Can I take the beautiful Uduak home with me? :D. In three sentences you made her ‘sumptuous’. ‘Sumptuous’ – I hope […]

  • I enjoyed this, the suspense most of all. The first sentence was a good opening – it instantly placed me at the scene of the story. It needs some editing. Some of the sentences need ‘trimming’. ‘…the blades of […]

  • I enjoyed the commanding tone the narrative had, especially at the beginning. I really loved the first paragraph. I learnt quite a bit from this piece. This – ‘…because of our minor status, we suffer […]

  • I loved this story. The fact that you put a ‘whole story’ into 300 words is admirable. I enjoyed most the undercurrent philosophy of ‘Sangi Layi’ – these bits of the dialogue resonated: ‘The one who gives another […]

  • I liked this story; I followed the narrative of the traditional wedding. Thank you for bringing that part of TIV culture to the fore.
    “It’s ironical sometimes that a step backwards is what moves the society […]

  • Thank you for bringing a minority ethnic group to the fore. I haven’t heard of the. Alago people before, neither have I heard of the Amiri festival nor what an oke is. A lot has been said on how this story can be […]

  • It’s amusing to see what an ‘outsider’ sees from the inside. I enjoyed your description of the dance; I found myself imagining it, trying to see if I could get the dance. I learnt a new culture here, thank you. […]

  • I think @anakadrian explained well. And yes this an unconventional story. Maybe next time you could increase the spaces in between the paragraphs to indicate change in time. Kudos again.

  • Thanks a lot. You could pay to read this? Wow. :D. Thanks. I will.

  • @agbonkhese Thanks. The ‘no story’ ba… :D. Yeah, living with her consequences is unavoidable regardless of what the future holds for her. Perhaps next time I’d infuse some morals for those who need a glaring […]

  • Damilola Yakubu commented on the post, Water People 11 months ago

    Good story. Well done. Loved some of the descriptions. The fact that you packed three scenes into this flash without making a mess of it is commendable. Kudos.

  • Damilola Yakubu commented on the post, The Penalty 11 months ago

    I like the telling of the story. ‘You have bitten more than you can chew’ drove the story home. Good work. Kudos.

  • Damilola Yakubu commented on the post, Red Ochre 11 months ago

    I loved the imagery of this story. The ending didn’t seem forced which I think showed the quality of the storytelling. I questioned the part where he asked her to keep it a secret. If it was a tradition, why tell […]

  • Hot. Hot. Hot. I enjoyed the paragraphing, the sequencing of your narrative; it flowed like the sexy dance between the two cousins. The crescendo of the dance saw her leave for school. Thrilling work. Gosh. Well done.

  • Damilola Yakubu commented on the post, No Way Home 11 months ago

    Powerful imagery. The language appealed to me a lot. I loved your use of words. Thank you for your craftsmanship. I, however, didn’t like this piece because there was no ‘story’ per se to connect to. Good work. Well done.

  • Teenage fantasies. Lol. Many men, not only boys, have experienced that awkward wrongly timed erection. Interesting story. That circumcision bit seemed a bit too obvious and contrived. Thanks for translating the […]

  • Damilola Yakubu commented on the post, Mbobi 11 months ago

    Insightful. ‘…a cross between Chinese and gibberish.’ this was humorous. I was left wondering what that would sound like. Lol. Kudos Folakemi.

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