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    You guys need to go watch

    A Million Ways To Die In The West
    Captain America -Winter Soldier
    Red Dawn
    X-Men — Days Of The Future Past

    • Hmm…

      “Blended” – I avoid Adam Sandler’s movies like the plague, and the previews I saw of this one gave me no reason to change that policy.

      “A Million Ways to Die In The West” – the previews of this were very funny, but somehow, I didn’t get round to watching it. Maybe I’ll give it a go sometime.

      “Captain America – Winter Soldier” – I’m sure I’d enjoy this.

      “Red Dawn” – Haven’t heard of this.

      “X-Men – Days Of Future Past” – I watched/liked this, but not as much as X-Men First Class.

      • @Hextophar, @TolaO, it says a lot that the funniest guy on ‘Blended’ was Terry Crews. Captain America rocks. It totally changes the dynamics of the Marvel Universe- and Scarlett Johannsson was on her A game.
        X-Men: Days of the Future Past is okay, but I’m still battling with its time-sequence. The problems of so drastically altering the time-space continuum would not be so unaffecting. Me thinks, but maybe I’m just nitpicking.

        Red Dawn is a good watch too.

    • Yeah, Terry Crews and his Crew (Pun intended :D) were undoubtedly funny with their unsolicited musical performances, but so was Sandler. The time sequence in X-Men seems to be perfectly planned. What wouldn’t happen, wouldn’t happen. That showed why the room they were supposed to be attacked in changed into a neater area, and everything went back to normal. That should have been the time when Logan’s mind zapped back, so in the future, it was like a dream to him. I’m really not that good with explaining time travel though.

      • @hextophar, time manipulation is some serious shit. The plot was too simplistic to take in the ramifications of that. Such events as in the movie where mutants displayed such overwhelmingly destructive powers should have speeded up the inevitable Human vs Mutant war, not stop it. The charactet Peter Dinklage did is not as naturally pivotal to the sequence of event as the movie producers claim. Some dickhead could have just continued his research, and with that amount of interspecies tension, that would have happened ( as a cynic, i think the worst of humans as evidenced in the Tuskegee syphilis experiment) No self-respecting nation would have allowed openly declared mutants with such powers roam its streets without fully knowing and experimenting on them. Mba.

        But assume that doesn’t happen, I don’t think those sequence of events supports the unbridled animosity Magneto would show Logan later as shown in earlier X-Men movies. I think Mystique would not have turned out as bad as she was in earlier movies. Heck, I’m not sure Magneto would have continued as the annoying super-villain he became after. So many consequences. IMO.

    • All those movies you mention, I dont see myself ever watching those. not my genre…… my sisters told me they were good though.

      • So what are your kind of movies, then, @ufuomaotebele?

        • I mustly like to watch historical stuff… or mainly movies related to the british
          movies like The great Gatsby are also on my list.

          • @ufuomaotdbele, then you must have loved “The King’s Speech” from 2 years back, and “Les Miserables”. “The Book Thief” is like the best Historical I’ve seen this year. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” too is nice. You should see, if you haven’t, “Lincoln” and “12 years a Slave.”

            • @ufuomaotebele. Misspelt your name earlier, my bad.

              • Woah thats alot of movies I haven’t seen just yet. Will definietly check out the boo thief.

                I have watched “Lincoln” “Les Miserables” Anna Hathaway is my favorite actress. I dont want to watch “12 years of slave” for some reason i dont understand……

                • Russell Crowe was like the surprise of “Les Miserables” for me, you know, after typing him as a more “Gladiator” fit person. Anna Hathaway is cute; she has this fragile sweetness that is appealing. But I sorta prefer a mix of the Angelina Jolie-Megan Fox- Jennifer Garner type or a Kate Winslet-Nicole Kidman-Sandra Bullock.

                  I love musicals sha. Sondheim, “West side story”, “Sound of music”…even “Glee”.

                  • I love love love love West side story… I am a singer, so i always go to Glee

                    • @ufuomaotebele, you should look up the re-make of “Annie” when it comes up then. If you have access to the original too, check it out. “Sweeney Todd” and maybe “Bounce” might be great if you want to see older ones; and the best of them all “Sound of Music”. I’ve been wanting to watch “Grease” since like forever but never gotten it to see.

                      • I saw the sound of music, the remake where Carrie Underwood was in.

                        Omg!! go and watch “Grease”!! I saw it in my muisc class back in high school for the first time.

    • Captain America was just pure awesomeness, X-Men I can’t exactly say the same but it was close.

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