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    Kevin Hart in Think Like A Man Too, absolutely hilarious!!!

    • kelvin hart was the last think I was watching when i saw that movie. Michael ealy my gad!!! that guy is HOT! Taraji p. Henson was awesome too. great chemistry they had.

      Please, they shouldnt attempt a part 3.

      • Should or shouldn’t? Kevin Hart reminded of like a jjc or Ngozi arriving in the city from a village. Yes he was hot, that body :))))

      • I have had a crush on Michael Ealy since like forever!! Those dazzling blues eyes, the polished cheek bones, the classy effortlessness about him. The guy is just so fiiinee. I make it a point to see all his movies. Saw the latest one: “About last night”, an all black cast remake of a good ol’ movie.

        • @O-Money I agree even tho I’m not as familiar with him as y’all are cuz I rarely watch African American movies

          • What do you watch then?

            • @ufuomaotobele usually series like private practice, grey’s (Shonda Rhimes’s stuff) when I do watch movies, its those with A-list Hollywood actors and actresses

              • Hmm…. I see. I’m the complete opposite of you.
                Hey, have you checked out “Hungry Games”??

                • I vaguely remember watching a trailer about it with Bruce Jenner? But I will check it out after finals

          • “… I rarely watch African American movies.”

            Out of curiosity, is this by choice or design?

        • Yo, I just saw this comment. O-money, are you male or female? Strictly for the sake of clarification

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